Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to you!

From zero to seven in no time flat!

It seems like yesterday that they first grandchildren...two at a time.

What a joy they have been...what fun we have had together!

Each year brings new adventures...and this year there were many!

They will have fond memories of hours spent on the ATV...

...and of the twin calves, who (co-incidentally) are also named Emme and Spencer!

Then there was the arrival of their beloved Bentley...

...the first day of the second grade...

...and a dress-up pizza party with the cousins!

We know not what what lies down the road...but on this your seventh birthday...we would like to send you birthday hugs! We'll celebrate with you once we are back home.

Happy Birthday, Emerson and Spencer!


  1. Are those two seven already?! My, how they have grown! Two of the most lovely young seven-year olds I've ever seen, truth to tell...Happy, Happy Birthday to Emme and Spencer!

  2. Happy 7th Birthday Emme and Spencer! Such sweet girls..
    Enjoy your holiday Judy!

  3. Judy, your grandgirlies are just a delight. I love thier spunk and their photgenic agreeability. . .and I love how their grammy loves them. . .
    Happy Birthday to two beautiful twins. . .PS My Niece will be having twins of her own at the end of the week .. .

  4. Happy Number Seven to two very special girls.

  5. Awww...Happy Birthday to your sweet, Emme & Spencer.

    Love the new "header' photo btw, so Palm Springs! ;)

    Hey you've been given a brand new award, stop by my place and pick it up.

  6. happy birthday girlies.....
    i never realized that they were twins.
    they are just tooo adorable.
    they are so blessed to have you as a grammy.
    enjoy your holiday

  7. I am finding out h ow quickly they grow too. Lovely pics of the birthday twins.

    Beautiful sunset over San Diego too, Judy.

  8. Happy birthday to your two darlings! Love the pictures!

  9. Double delight for Grammie! Happy Birthday girls! From your Grammies' friend- Kathy

  10. Happy birthday to Emme and Spencer! What beautiful girls! Aren't our grandchildren so wonderful? That baby picture of them in the blanket is so precious!

  11. I could feel the warmth and breeze of Palm Springs when I saw your 'view of the week' on your new header photo. What a clever way to remember your holiday. Kathy

  12. What a gorgeous set of twins! Hey, the kids are cute, kidding...they are a pair of cuties, aren't they? Hope their every birthday wish comes true!

  13. Happy 7th birthday Emerson and Spencer! What beautiful happy girls and how lucky they are to have such loving parents and grandparents.

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation, Judy!

    Hugs, Pat

  14. Judy...great post....what a blessing for you and your husband...such lovely grandchildren.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson