Monday, November 24, 2008

two are better than one...

Since we missed a most important date while we were on vacation...

...we had a belated celebration yesterday. Emme and Spencer had their seventh birthday on November 10th and had a sleepover with two friends to mark the occasion. But the family birthday party had to wait...and last night we called together the troupe and had us a party!

The birthday girls and Ryder and Ranen came a little earlier...we had cakes to decorate. Since we were giving them an Easybake oven for their birthday...I thought we'd go with the theme and let them have some fun in the kitchen. I picked up kids aprons at Michael's for the girls...and painted their names on them.

Last minute I decided Ryder better have an apron as well...or he would feel a little left he got a boy-apron.

What fun they had! Emme and Spencer did a fine job of their cakes...

...Ryder and Ranen decorated cupcakes with the help of their mommies.

Emme and Spencer were concentrating on the job at hand...and it appears grandpa was standing in the corner and sampling!

Ranen had sprinkles all over her face and hands...there seemed to be much licking going on!

Ryder quite enjoyed cake decorating 101...and when the 'class' was over, Grandpa vacuumed the sprinkles off the floor.

The rest of the gang (except for Kris...who had to work) arrived for supper. We sang a new table prayer...not once, but three times...and Ryder continued to sing it throughout the meal.

Then we sang Happy Birthday...not once, but two times...since we were celebrating two birthdays.

And once the cake was gone...the girls opened their gifts. They decided it was OK that we missed their was quite fun having another party several weeks later! Ryder wasn't quite so sure about the whole thing...when exactly would there be presents for him? Ranen and Maelyn took it all in stride.

It was a fun evening...and before long everyone was packing to leave. Ryder had a little cry...since he didn't want the party to be over. Such is life!

Have a wonderful Monday...


  1. Good times at Grammy and Grandpa's house! They must've done all right if Grandpa was sneaking bites!

    What a beautiful set of grands you have, Judy. I always enjoy seeing the activities that you plan with them.

  2. And your last pictures shows the clean-up for Grammy., but it was Oh, so much fun.
    Great to see Grandpa vacuuming in the kitchen...
    From one celebration to the next.

  3. Oh Judy, you are the best grandma and I love hearing from Grandma's that have already come up with good ideas,...this one will be tucked away for my future fun with the grands. I love the aprons, oh so fun and that little Ryder. . .I could eat him up, what a sweetie. . .well all of them actually.

  4. Judy..what wonderful family times to cherish! When I saw the pics of them decorating and 'licking' I was so reminded of our girls when they were little.

  5. Must be so much fun to have twins! I sooo wanted one of those ovens when I was young!

  6. Judy, I don't blame Ryder. I would have been upset that the party was over also. It looked like so much fun. Avery is making a peanut butter pie for us to take to my sister in law's for Thanksgiving and she is so excited about it. I need to let her decorate a cake. Looks like your girls had a blast. Your home is beautiful!

  7. HI Judy!

    Thank you for your very nice birthday wishes to my daughter today -- they were very appreciated!

    Your grands are all so sweet and cheerful and Spencer and Emme looked thrilled to have another party! I loved the Easy Bake oven when I was little and so did my daughter. Doe sit still cook with a light bulb?

    Your house looks lovely inside, too, Judy -- so much room! My kitchen is closet

    Hugs, Pat

  8. Lucky kids! Ryder is such a sweet heart too.

  9. What a wonderful grandma you are. My birthday is in February. Can I have an apron. A boy one that is.

  10. I love reading about all the fun you have with your grandkids! This party looks like it was a joy for everyone!

  11. What fun those kiddo's were having. Great big smiles! Easybake Ovens are the best.

    My goodness I think we have the same kitchen : 0

    You’re off the highway tour of the vineyards looked like a great time, and those yummy ice cream cones!

    I have a question for you. What to get a 16 month old for Christmas??? I am so new at this grandma stuff, and you certainly seem to have some great ideas.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson