Thursday, November 20, 2008

name that chain...

In desperate need of a coffee, we made a quick stop beside the freeway in northern Oregon yesterday afternoon. With no Tim Horton's in sight...we decided this 'favorite spot of the grandkids' would have to do.

This couldn't be the same chain that I was familiar with...a whole new look! The coffee was were the cinnamon rolls. And I rather like the upscale decor.

Name that chain...possibly featured under the golden arches near you!

Four or five more hours of driving will get us home. There are still a few grapes left...we'll see what happens at the border.

Have a good day!


  1. Ah yes, some McD's have become quite classy, yes? Their coffee is okay, too!

  2. Hey, we there at our local establishment for a fruit and fibre muffin and coffee this morning.. . .we often go there instead of the first one you mentioned because we prefer the coffee of the place you ended up at. . .phew. . talk about reading between the lines. . .almost home. . .hooray.

  3. We have no Mickey D's that look like that...would like to see one.

    The latest makeover I've seen is based on a Happy Days theme. We walked in and out as all the tables featured high stools. My grandmother couldn't possibly have climbed up on one.

    It's just good knowing that every mile is bringing you nearer home.

  4. maelyn is so excited about your imminent arrival she's having a very hard time taking her morning nap...

  5. We stopped at one of those fancy McDonald's on a trip to Branson. I was very surprised indeed!


  6. Was that a McCafe? We have them here in Australia. Not sure if they always look so classy, but they at least look modern. And yes, pretty good coffee too (and lots of bakery items to choose from as well).

    Sounds like it's been a really nice trip so far! We are dying to do another road trip to California. Hopefully the next time we fly over. I'll have to consult your blog for some god stop overs, since it sounds like you find nice places everytime you drive down.

  7. I have never seen a Mickey D's as fancy as this. Ours in the south aren't nearly as pretty. What's up with that? :)

  8. Good to see you are almost home Judy!Drive safely and rest up when you arrive. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  9. I've thought of you often while you've been away. We love going down to PS - and I think November would be a great time to get away. You've missed alot of grey rainy days. But the sunshine of your granchildren's smiles and the excitment of seeing how much Maelyn has grown will more than make up for the rain.

  10. Could it be, what is known in France as McDoh?
    I love Tim Horton, fond memories of our visits to Canada!


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