Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Sun Sets on San Diego

We spent the past few days seeing the sights of San Diego…a most beautiful city.

Last night we watched the sunset at Ocean Beach fishing pier...I’ll take you on a tour of San Diego once I’m home and have my pictures sorted.

There are many daring things we could have done while we were there (things like surfing, riding a hot air balloon, visiting the underwater caves, etc.)…but we chose to take a trolley bus tour of the city. Does that not sound like the safest of adventures to you?

We boarded the Old Town trolley tour at Balboa Park…toured the key sights and learned a little of the history of the city. We spent time in Old Town district and most of the afternoon at Coronado Island. As the day was coming to an end…we caught our trolley back to Balboa Park.

But as you all know…things can change in an instant! As we were exiting the freeway at a good speed, the trolley bus clipped a car which had come to a stop ahead of us. Although no one was seriously injured…we were left with a crippled bus full of tourists, who were all going nowhere anytime soon!

Eventually, the police arrived…and then another trolley bus came to take us to our final destination.

Once again we were reminded that life is fragile…one never knows what each new day may bring. And if you ever think of taking a trolley bus tour…just remember, it could be the adventure of your life!

Today we returned to our favorite spot in the desert...near Palm Springs. Here's the good news...we have definitely found summer! The temperature is supposed to be over 90F for the next few days. I can used to that quite nicely...much as I miss all the good folks back home!

Until next time...


  1. Hope you continue to have a very safe holiday!

  2. Now that's interesting...the "safest" thing that you could've chosen and still there was an "adventure" involved. Life is precarious like that!

    Enjoy your time at Palm Springs...I know how much you enjoy it there.

  3. I'm glad you are all safe. Enjoy your last days of summer. I know the warm sun and gentle breezes are a comfort.

  4. Oh goodness, who would have thought the trolly bus would be your near calamity experience.
    So .. .soak up some of that sum for me too, and have a wonderful time. . . miss you too!

  5. Hi you are gallivanting about in my neck of the woods! I look forward to your San Diego photos, and hope you enjoyed Coronado Island. I don't know what it's like in Palm Springs today, but here in Long Beach it is cool and very windy! Feels almost like winter, although the sun is shining.

    Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  6. I couldn't help but cringe when I read your bus had a little fender bender....glad everyone was okay. Well welocme to Cali and all the traffic Judy...

    Sounds like you guys are in for some warm weather down for me I'm missing the Fall weather in MT right about now. Pout! I think it's been raining and snowing there this weekend though.

    Thanks for your visit btw. Exeter CA is in the central valley, a small farming community on hwy 198 before "Three Rivers", which is the entrance into the "Sequoia National Park". I did a post on Exeter last Spring before we left for MT.

    Enjoy your vacation!!!

  7. We love going to San Diego. Bahia Resort, the board walk...and little restaurants in Old Town. Never have done the Trolly...we may have to next time. Palm Springs is a favorite spot for us each year too, and the warm weather is always so enjoyable. Glad you are enjoying your vacation. You'll come home relaxed and in time to get into the Christmas activities. Kathy


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