Friday, February 25, 2011

having a blast...

It blew in with a vengeance...and pushed all thoughts of spring away.

I'm saving the rest of our African adventures for next week...
and sharing a few cold pic's with you instead.

The snow that arrived a few days ago...has all but blown away.
The east winds are howling...
and we were around -10°C overnight (-20°C with the wind chill).

For us who thought spring was all but here...
it is rather chilly!

I planted spring flowers in the planter at the front door last week...
and they are now hiding under a blanket.

My sister Kathy is out from Manitoba until after the weekend.
She likes to escape the prairie cold at this time of the year...
but we are not exactly delivering mild temperatures this time.

We were up at Kris & Lisa's (son and DIL) yesterday afternoon...
and I took a few pic's off their back deck.

Though I am quite ready for spring...
it has been rather beautiful since this last blast of winter arrived.

 The snowdrops are not quite as perky as they were last week...
and the pansies have have gone back to sleep.

I'm wondering how the roses and hydrangeas will fare...
since they were already sending out leaves.

I'm heading south of the border this weekend...
the 'four sisters' retreat.
It won't be far enough south to escape the cold I'm afraid.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. You live in a VERY scenic area!! Love to see each and every post! Have a good weekend.....

  2. The brilliance of the sky is wonderful against your mountain...but I hope the weather doesn't deter the enthusiasm of your Sister's weekend. Will you be stopping at Bellis Fair? when our children were small we drove around the parking lot and couldn't find a space so the farmer made a turn and headed for the border. I'd still love to go there sometime!

  3. It's gorgeous there! Still, I am feeling alarmed. That cold has only one place to go and I'm afraid that I'm on the end of it in about four days' time. Enjoy your retreat with your sisters!

  4. Oh do have a wonderful time Judy. ..I hope the big chill warms up a bit. Those poor snowdrops. My roses are sure taking a beating too. It will be interesting to see what they do now.

  5. Have a wonderful time with your sisters.

    Judy, I am always left with my mouth hanging open when I see how beautiful it is in your part of the world.

  6. That wind has bit at me several times this week....hope your sister gets a wee bit of warmth before heading home. Your pics are pretty.....but they make me shiver! Turn up the heat and wear a may be your only hope to staying warm today. Enjoy your time together.

  7. Have a great time on your sisters' retreat. Our daughter is down there now on a little shopping retreat - and it's cold there too!

  8. Poor little snowdrops!
    I wonder if you long for the warmth of Kenya now?

  9. Oh I'm glad you are sort of escaping with your sisters this weekend. We are in the midst of planning a 4 sisters retreat ourselves but not this weekend. Your winter blast photos are lovely.'s cold today!

  10. Amazing photos and such a beautiful place to live...thanks for sharing them (really hope we dont get any more snow)

  11. I love that photo of the wind blowing on top of Mt. Cheam. Have a wonderful week with those sisters. It's fun just hanging out together getting to know each other again.

  12. That first photo you have of Mount Cheam is so wonderful. I never tire seeing that view as I head East through Chilliwack.

  13. Have a great Four Sisters retreat !!!
    beautiful photos of our rather come lately winter ! The buds/bulbs did think they were safe coming out! I hope they stayed 'warm'.

  14. Hi Judy!
    Your photos are gorgeous! I'm glad you and your sisters escaped the sudden cold snap. I am also traveling unexpectedly this week and I'm enjoying some nice warm weather.Hopefully your flowers will recover!

  15. No matter if one likes winter or not, you make it look beautiful! You finally got some of what we all have been sharing most of the winter. I like your snowdrops picture. Glad you shared these pictures.


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