Monday, February 7, 2011

life goes on...

When one plans a seems there is never a perfect time to get away.  And when that vacation is a month is even more difficult to mark off an entire calendar page.  But I know from experience that the celebrations and the challenges of life continue even when I am not here!

My step-mom Marge celebrated her 80th birthday while we were away.  I called her from London to wish her a happy birthday...and she thought momentarily it was the queen calling.  Funny!  I picked the least opportune moment to call...and sensed a slight hesitation when I asked her daughter if I might speak with her.  Her girls had arranged a surprise high-tea in her honour...with fancy everything and the ladies all decked out in their hats and finery.  They were just nicely seated with the party about to begin, when I called.  But for the queen...they were willing to interrupt the party.  So with the fancy-schmancy theme going...what do you think my dad got her for her 80th birthday? 

Yup...a Canuck's hockey jersey...signed by Luongo himself and with his best wishes for her 80th birthday. 

She couldn't have been more pleased!  (photos from Pam's facebook page...used with permission)

We missed another very important birthday! 

Ryder turned five while we were away.  He was quite upset that we wouldn't be around to celebrate this time...but I assured him we would have our own little celebration on our return.  He's coming today to spend a week with us...and so we will be sure to include a birthday party in our activities over the coming days.

While we were gone, our longtime friends went into surgery together...Mavis as a kidney donor and Mel as the recipient.  All went well...though the road to recovery has just begun. 

They returned home this weekend after several weeks in Vancouver...and we stopped by to see them on Friday night.  They have been in our prayers for a long time...and it was so good to see them back in their home...with a new lease on life.  God is good.

We were away for some time...but life carried on without us.  That's how it is!'s back to London.


  1. It was fun to hear you were "Queen" for a few moments :)

    I know how life feels suspended when one is away, Judy, but in truth all goes on as usual. I'm sure you will be catching up with quite a bit for awhile.

    Wishing your step Mom and Ryder happy belated birthdays and best wishes for a quick and complete recovery to your two friends.

  2. You know, I've always thought that there was something vaguely regal about you, Judy!
    Lucky Ryder to get two birthday celebrations!
    Wishing your friends a comfortable recovery after all they've been through in the past weeks - what a story of love....

  3. Your post reminds me of a sweet friend who had a great opportunity to join his daughter and s-i-l on a missions trip to Africa. With his wife in the nursing he was simply torn - until he got 'permission' and lots of encouragement from all of us to take the trip - even if his dear wife would go home to be with Jesus during the time he was gone or even if the Lord would call him home from Africa. Goodbyes were said, he had a fabulous trip, and both lived a number of years before each went to the other side of life!

    Life goes on...this side of eternity... or the other side! What a beautiful post!

  4. It does always feel a bit strange to return to "realty" after time away. It takes me a while to get back in sync.

    I will keep your friends in my prayers.

    Have a fun week with your little sweetie.

  5. Life carried on as best it could without you...obviously, there were a few complaints. I love the story about your step-mother thinking that the Queen had called...too sweet. I also read her tshirt wrong as in all "Wrongo." LOL! Honestly, I crack myself up. 'Tis the truth, I actually thought that's what it said.

    So glad that your friends are recovering well together and that they have this new lease on life. Now that's a story of true love!

  6. I remember a show growing up called "Queen for a Day" That's great that she really enjoyed that jersey! I'm glad Ryder will have his day with you. Praying a prayer right now again for your friends and their full recovery...

  7. Praying for your dear friends Judy. Hope you will keep us posted on their recovery!


  8. OH I love it. ..yes of course. .who else would be calling from London. Makes sense to me.
    OH..such a lot of excitement while you were away. I am glad you have lots of time to make up for it now with the grands coming to take your mind off of your jet lag =)
    Oh ..and lovely to see the picture of your friends who we prayed for.

  9. Quite the Marge that you share in your family. Always fun and full of energy. And I'm sure that Ryder will have week packed with many surprises.
    A reminder to keep praying for Mel and Mavis. Good to see them in church.

  10. It can feel good and bad when one realizes that life does carry on even if we aren't around. Your dad must be so creative to buy that perfect gift for your step=mother. She looks so good in that jersey. Wishing you a fun with your little guy. I can't believe he is 5 years old already.

    As for your good friends, I do wish them a speedy recovery together.

  11. Even the best of us can't be in two places at once! Your stepmom looks like a cool lady and it looks like Ryder had a good time at his first party...with another one to look forward to. Glad your friends are doing! sounds like God is taking care of them! I know everyone wished you well on your trip, but I am sure they are VERY happy to have you back home! I know I am!! :-)

  12. Had a good laugh about Marg thinking the queen was calling.. of course a call from London while sitting at a high tea // and then the contrast.. the jersey that she was thrilled about...that's great!

  13. So good to know Mavis and Mel are doing good...
    I hope a photo of your step-Mom is on its way to Luongo! I'm sure his hockey jersey never looked so good! smile...
    And missing a little grand's birthday IS almost unforgivable.. but good thing kids are forgiving and will happily accept a make-up party on another day!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson