Wednesday, February 9, 2011

London ~ cabs, coffee and clotted cream

Though most of our time in London was spent touring the countryside...we did have the opportunity to spend an afternoon wandering about the city.  I'll leave you with a few random memories of our time in London. 

Memories of streets lined with taxi-cabs...and unique ones at that.  The blackcabs are products of the London Taxi Company...who have been manufacturing them for over 60 years. Though they were originally all black...they can now be ordered in most any colour.

Memories of riding the 'Tube' to Piccadilly Circus and wandering along Regent Street where folks go to shop.  At David's recommendation we checked out Hamleys toy shop...all seven floors...

...where even the Lego characters are larger than life!  This flagship store is a major tourist attraction in London.

Memories of coffee shops on every corner.  Who would have the tea drinking capital of the world?

We checked out Starbuck's competition...and discovered why the locals like Costa!

Memories of clotted cream with afternoon scones...though I must say I was more willing to try the 'treat' when I heard it called by another name...Devonshire cream.  I thought it was rather like butter...maybe a wee bit sweeter.
Memories of the plaza at Covent Gardens...

...and the live music that we enjoyed as we browsed. 

And all those memories took me back to our previous visit to London.  It was the summer of 1997...when we stayed near Piccadilly Circus and fought crowds of tourists every step of the way.  We were there with my parents...and watched the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace in the sizzling heat.

Mom and dad were happy to find some shade on the lawns nearby.  I'm so glad we made that trip back then...and are still enjoying the memories today.

Today...February 9, 2011...would have been my mom's 85th birthday.  In my memory she will always remain 74.  Memories...they are a good thing!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...


  1. .. .and time ticks on.
    Isn't it amazing how our memories come back to our mom's?
    I would quite like to try some of that clotted cream, I always thought that was the same as devonshire cream. ..who knew?

    word verification is zoodifi. . ..which could work for the piccadilly circus. . or being a foodifi

  2. Memories, Judy! Lovely that you thought of your mum's visit, happy memories.
    Cornish cream, or Devonshire, is something I grew up with in Cornwall. Nothing like it on a fresh scone with jam!

  3. Wonderful memories Judy!
    I love that you found enough coffee shops along the way:)

  4. So your mom and Lovella's mom shared a birthday. Sweet. How great that you have these London memories and you added new ones...
    Coffee in a cup like that looks so much better then in a paper cup!

  5. Those are some precious memories. (In my mind, my mother will always be about 26.) I have never had Devonshire cream though I definitely wish to change that. It's quite yellow isn't it? I thought it would be white like sour cream. Hope that those grands of yours benefit from all that shopping at Hamley's.

  6. I didn't know that about Devonshire cream - I somehow thought it would be white and fluffy and more like thick whipped cream. I'll just have to go over and have some!
    Lovely photos of your parents to go with your memory of another trip. It's so important to do things with the people you love while you and they still can!

  7. What a sweet picture of your parents. You look like your mom I think. I'm so glad you got to take that trip, too. Such great memories!

  8. Your mom and Lovella's mom share the same Birthday?

  9. So lovely to have those happy memories of your mother and taking a trip to London with your parents.

    We love clotted cream too, its usually called Cornish clotted cream and you can get Cornish Cream Teas and Devonshire Cream teas. We have lived in both counties and have family in both still so make regular visits with regular cream teas!! They are sometimes served with warm small bread rolls called 'splits'

  10. One of the days...I hope to be right there following in your footsteps. Then a wonderful trip to Ireland...Scotland...Wales...

  11. So fun to read a post and see your pictures of a place hubby and I have visited - a long time ago! Very lovely!

  12. It must have meant a lot to your parents to travel with you to London. You were so lucky to have that special period of time together. It's wonderful when we have such good family memories.

  13. This is a beautiful photo of your parents, Judy! Your Mom looked so happy! It's true that there are very special moments in life that shine brighter than others.

    I love scones and clotted cream and could easily make them my lunch anytime! :)

    Your photos and memories of your trip have been so enjoyable!

  14. Coffee shops on many of the street has to be a wonderful place. Memories of your mother must have helped make this an even more special visit. Love how you speak of her. I am really enjoying this trip with you.

  15. ohh.. may your happy memories of your Mother cover the 'missing' I know you feel!

    Who would call something clotted cream when a lovely name Devonshire Cream was readily available?

    A seven floor toy store? Oh.. my.. that would be heaven to any kid of any age! smile..


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