Monday, July 15, 2013

of pillowslips and pinterest...

There are so many great ideas on Pinterest.
I have boards full of them...
and plenty of good intentions.
And there is where it usually ends.
But once in awhile...
I actually follow through.

Case in point...

I made a wee one...
and since pillowcases come in pairs...
I made another.
A wee bit bigger.

Then I found two sweet grandgirlies to come try them on.
They fit  just fine!

But were they made for hopping, skipping...

...and swinging?
They each went home with a pillowcase in hand...
one they could wear when it suited them!

That was last week.
 This week we are taking the grands camping...
a few at a time.
The forecast is for sunshine.
It's all good!


  1. my neighbor. Joanne makes tee shirt dresses...too cute...have to share this one with her!

  2. Oh my goodness these are just darling! I have a couple of grandgirlies who would probably just love these too. Enjoy your camping trip!

  3. The dresses are precious and so are the girls modeling them! I'm like you: boards full of ideas, but short of time to implement them. When I do though, I sure have fun!

  4. Oh aren't they just adorable!! The dresses and the wee ones. Have a fun week camping with your grands. I hope the nice weather holds for late July too. Blessings, Pamela

  5. Nice follow through! Love the way they turned out. Have fun camping!

  6. I can hear the girls now, as grandmothers, telling about how their own wonderful grandmother sewed for them!

  7. Those pillowcase dresses are darling. Did you use some vintage pillowcases for the slip part? They are just beautiful.

    1. I used ruffled cotton eyelet pillowcases that I once found at the thrift store and put a linen layer over. I totally copied a photo on pinterest.

  8. Those are darling dresses - on darling grandgirlies. I have boards of stuff on Pinterest, too. There's a lot of inspiration there! Have fun camping.

  9. Oh so cute on those girls! I wonder where the first idea came from . . . just realizing that our grandmothers had to be creative for different reasons than today's reasons.

  10. Perfect camping outfit. Yes they are made for anything. Another one of those selective Pinterest ideas.

  11. Cute! Have a blast camping!

  12. Those are just adorable! Have a great time on your camping trips - I'll be there'll be great photos!

  13. I have seen this dress idea before but I think yours are the most beautiful colours/styles out of all those I have seen. Your little granddaughters are very sweet :)

  14. Hi Judy - I really enjoyed reading all your recent posts. it looks like you are having a wonderful summer. Your grandchildren must treasure their visits with you and will have such special memories of the walks and adventures you share with them. I enjoyed especially your camping in Kelowna story. it reminds me of all the wonderful years we spent there when our children were small. We lived in Oliver for 9 years. Oh and the raspberries looked just mouthwatering! Sunshine Always - Sheila

  15. Those are beautiful dresses!!! SO adorable! I can see myself making some for the grand baby girls!!!!

  16. Super cute Judy! Have a wonderful time camping and making more great memories.

  17. You did it well! The fabric and color choice you made, is beautiful! They look like little angels. The talent never stops here.

    Hope you have a fun time camping!

  18. From "pinner" to "winner"…excellent follow through! The girls look like garden fairies, dancing about!

  19. Such adorable dresses! They look light and cool and so pretty. I think even with my limited sewing skills I could make one for my grand girlie one day!


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