Friday, September 13, 2013

celebration interlude...

I'll be back on the road with my next post...mostly in Rhode Island...but I'm taking a wee detour today to document what's happening here and now.

Though it may feel like fall to some of you...somewhere...over here it is blazing hot this week.  We have broken all kinds of temperature records...with more falling every day.  The fall harvest is underway...with much of the corn coming in off the field this week.  Things ground to a halt early on September 11th since we had a birthday to celebrate.  And that can't wait until next year! 

The whole gang came for a birthday supper (outside, of course!)...and the birthday boy had his choice dessert.  Lucy insisted on sitting on his lap...and sharing dessert with her favorite Papa.  Micah was most impatient for grandpa to open the gift he brought...since he knew it was exactly what grandpa would want.  A hotwheels set!  And then he begged grandpa to leave his party and come race cars with him downstairs.  Too cute!  And Ranen brought grandpa raisin oatmeal cookies...since she knew they were his favorite.  Grands are precious!

We are not done with birthdays just yet though.  My dad is celebrating this weekend as well.  He is ninety-one years young...and still going strong. 

William Baerg ~ photo taken June 2013
So we will celebrate him!  Every day is a gift...and every 365 days we stop to say thank-you to God for the blessings of another year.  I am most grateful today to still have my father around!

Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend...with lots of reasons to celebrate as well.


  1. You really are enjoying some beautiful summer weather! What a wonderful birthday celebration for Elmer. And your Dad is 91. That is wonderful too. You are blessed to have him still with you. Enjoy your weekend! Blessings, Pam

  2. How nice that you could celebrate outside. It has been such a hot September. 64 and 91....and they are both dear men in your life. They are are blessed.

  3. Family celebrations are always so lovely.
    Heat?? Nothing but drizzle here. Autumn is really on its way now.

  4. I'll bet you could sell tickets to those birthday parties and you'd only manage the crowd that came because of the size of the venue! Outdoor parties are so fun!
    Your enthusiastic grands are just wonderful!

  5. Happy Birthday to both handsome birthday boys! Grandkids make every celebration more special, don't they?!

  6. I bet there has never been such a hot birthday for Elmer! It was blazing hot. Your Dad continues to look strong and healthy at 91. So happy for you to have your Dad in your life al these years. What a blessing that is.

  7. How wonderful you still have your Father and that he is healthy!! Little Lucy is totally cute :-) Yep the grands keep the heart pumping .....


  8. What a happy time all together! Your dad looks so handsome...straight and tall. Elmer looks very pleased with his celebration.

  9. Lovely reasons to celebrate! Happy birthday to your hubby and dad! Sweet picture of Papa and Lucy. And wow, your dad - hard to believe he's 91! Must be good genes :)

  10. So glad my fellow "Sept 11th birthday celebrant" had a nice day. Cake looks delish!

  11. Happy Birthday's all around - looks like a wonderful gathering and celebration! A heat wave passed through here a few days ago and now it's quite cool - frost last night! Can't believe your corn harvest has already started. Love the sweet gifts that the grandchildren brought to their dear papa. Your dad is amazing!

  12. Looks like a fun, happy time to celebrate birthdays in the great outdoors. The picture of Papa and his granddaughter is priceless! The cake looks good enough to want a slice right now with my coffee:) I enjoy seeing your family birthday celebrations.

    Happy Birthday to each of them! Your dad makes 91 years look good!

  13. Three generations of 'joy' and family giving meaning to life!
    Happy Birthday to Elmer ...and to your Dad to come.
    You made me smile at your grands -- if the value of gifts is based on love - theirs definitely are priceless!

  14. It looks like Elmer had a very happy birthday! Grandchildren always make it very special. Happy 91 st birthday to your father!

    Safe travels!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson