Monday, September 2, 2013

double the blessing...

This has little to do with our road trip...
but everything to do with celebrating the arrival of my niece's twin boys.
They came a wee bit early...
while we were off wandering about the east coast.

I saw them for the first time on facebook...

  (picture by grandma Dot ~ borrowed from facebook)
...just as sweet as can be.  
Two peas in a pod!

We never knew whether the babies would be boys or girls.
It was like it used to be....
a surprise when the baby arrives.
Make that babies!

While on our road trip...
I crocheted around a few receiving blankets for the coming babies. 
They were both girl-flavoured blankies...
since I just thought they would be having twin girls. 
 It's what I know!  
I reasoned that I could always do up a boy blanket yet last minute...
if one of the babies was a boy.  
What a surprise...
two boys!
 I made two more blankets...
in more appropriate colours.

Yesterday we welcomed the babies with a shower...
and honoured their mother... niece, Jamie.

The cake was decorated by her sister...
using the babies room decor as inspiration.

The twins slept through the entire party.
The wee twins, that is!

My twin grands got a chance to cuddle with their second cousins as well.
Most special!

How fun to welcome Eli and Finn.

Children are a reward from the Lord.
Psalm 127:3

Have a wonderful day...
this end-of-summer holiday!


  1. How precious! Your granddaughters are so pretty and look like they are enjoying holding the new twin babes. I do like the name Eli as it's our second grandson's name and Finn seems to be getting popular around here as well. Your niece is very pretty too. Congratulations to the family!

  2. How precious! They have the coolest names; and the photo of them with their twin cousins will be special to all in the years to come. Congrats to your family!

  3. Two darling little lambs. Your twin grand daughters are such pretty young ladies already and I'm sure they were tickled to hold twins and think about themselves being wee twins one day too. Congratulations and many blessings to this new family.

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  5. Twins! How exciting! Congrats to the pretty new mom, and the rest of the family! The girls are just darling holding their new little cousins. I love the blankets with the edges crocheted. My sister does this too. Makes them so special. Enjoy your labor day!

  6. So sweet! Love the names...
    The shot of the twins holding the twins is great!!

  7. The nicest sort of surprise. How sweet to see the twins holding the twins. Hope that it didn't take long to whip up some new blankets and now you'll be prepared for some future little girls. The cake with the fawns atop is darling.

  8. Congrats to all! The twin's mom is beautiful, as are the baby and elder twins!

  9. What a special post! I love the twin girls holding the wee twin second cousins.

  10. Congratulations to your niece and her family! We know on a first hand basis, the fun and blessing of twin boys. Love the picture of your twins holding the tiny twins. What gifts they are! Wishing you all the best in this new venture.

    Our niece has twin girls and we have the twin boys. So thankful for them.

  11. What good news! I love the photo of the twins holding the twins - beautiful!

  12. What wonderful news and sweet pictures! There must be something in that B.C. water!! You and Pondside are into twins news these days! You'll have to show us a picture of the "blankies" you've crocheted. They sound lovely.

  13. You are so right..about a double blessing. You've been through this wonderful time as a grandmother and now I can see you supporting your sister and her daughter.

  14. Precious! My mom crocheted around receiving blankets, too. I still have the ones she did for me. I have tried, but can't seem to get the hang of it. Maybe you should do a tutorial! :-)

  15. Such a double blessing! Congratulations to the happy family. So wonderful to pray and see God's answered prayers.

  16. That's a memorable photo - twins holding twins. Congratulations. Such joy.

  17. They are so beautiful, beautiful beyond words!! How fun they are going to be....


  18. Ah beautiful photo's of beautiful twins...both sets!

  19. They are doubles blessings, double joy! Congratulations to your niece, Jamie!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson