Friday, September 27, 2013

meanwhile back at the ranch...

Though I've been posting about faraway places that we visited this summer...
life on the home front has carried on as usual.

So I will leave Philadelphia for another time...
and share a few things from the here and now!

The grass fields were all mowed down on Wednesday...
and with a little lot of help from our friends...
the final crop of the year is now in the bunker for the winter.
The storms are on their way...
starting today...
so there was no time to spare!

Why does it seem the seasons come and go more quickly than ever?

It's fall.  
The sweet autumn clematis is in full bloom...
and there is fresh snow on Mt. Cheam peak this week.

The tomato season is about over for this year as well...
so I quickly made up a batch of salsa this week.
That should provide a little heat come winter!


I have a sweet grand daughter who is turning five years old this weekend...
and requested a treasure chest cake for her birthday party.

Since I'll be away the next few days...
(check out the book launch events in Vancouver and Victoria this weekend)
the cake got made and delivered in advance.

The years have flown by...
and I can hardly believe she is already five.

 But there she is...
quite fearless when it comes to rowing a boat on her own...

...or climbing a sheer rock wall!
But not quite so fearless when it involves riding the bus to kindergarten without mommy.

She is always lending a helping hand to her sister...
and looking out for her friends.

I treasure all the memories of the good times we have shared over these five years.
 Happy Birthday to our dear Maggie!



  1. What a sweet little girl! I like the last picture :) What a beautiful flower covered archway! I that in your yard? Such beautiful, vibrant scenery out your way. Have a great week end!

  2. Maggie is a darling little girl and I am so happy to see her grow and become fearless. She probably takes after her mama and grandmother.

    Look at that glorious clematis! Very, incredibly impressive. Perhaps it is trying to mimic Mt. Cheam. You may be interested to know that Mt. Washington (NH) is also sporting fresh snow.

    A very successful time with MGCC and Celebrations over the next few days.

  3. Oh Maggie! What a girl! I love the photo of her in the canoe. Gosh, I suppose she'll be paddling down the Amazon river with you and Elmer in the bow in a year or too. Plan the trip now!

  4. What a sweet little fearless grandgirl! The treasure chest cake is marvelous Judy. So glad the haying is done before the storm - that's always so satisfying! Salsa done and canned is also a good feeling! Your clematis is simply beautiful - I planted one two years ago next to my rail fence arbor and it just isn't flourishing (must be too shady or something)? Have a great weekend on the coast with your booksigning. Wish I could come!

  5. Such a sweet post, love that little cake too! Loved to canoe, learned in girl scouts :-)
    Lovely photos....


  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet Maggie. How quickly they grow up.
    The weather's been wonderful, but oh my, what a change this morning. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

  7. Happy Birthday Darling Maggie!! Wow, What a cake -- May I come to the party?? That is the funnest cake I think I have ever seen. You are a lucky girl. May your day be very special.
    Aunt Martha

  8. Beautiful photo's. Snow already on the We are experiencing some beautiful warm weather here in the UK which is lovely. Little Maggie is so sweet ad that cake looks wonderful ....well done!

  9. Darling grandchild and stunning cake!

  10. Oh sweet maggie. Yesturday she went to school with a soap dispenser as her water bottle, and today with a pirate like blacked out tooth. Hopefully her fearless self wins out when it comes to school shortly!

  11. What a blessing grandchildren are! : )

  12. Precious souvenirs! THat second shot though is marvelous! Thanks for sharing these special moments,

  13. Happy Birthday to dear Maggie! I'll bet every time you look at those glorious peaks you feel God's Presence. Breathtaking!

  14. The ranch is looking ever so lovely. Your clematis is amazing and pairs nicely with the snow capped Mt. Cheam.
    Happy Birthday to dear little Maggie. What a great cake she will be celebrating with!
    Have a wonderful time at your book signings. I will be thinking of you all with sweet memories of my time spent in your "beautiful" corner.

  15. Yes, happy birthday to sweet Maggie! It would be fun to see her reaction to the cake...

  16. Happy Birthday to Maggie. Glad I got to meet her at the beach this summer. She's darling and how fun that our grands who are 3rd cousins were almost born on the same day, same year....and we just found that all out not so long ago. Small world! Love that treasure chest cake.

  17. Your cake should be featured in a magazine. What a great job you did in creating for her, the sweet, little, caring five year old that she is. I wish her a special year ahead. "Five" is a fun age.

    Your salsa looks delicious! Your clematis convinces me that you have a "green thumb" in the flower growing department.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson