Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So I’m not really sure how this came about, but I am the owner of a pair of crocs. Don't they look a little strange on adults? I must admit that they feel quite good, but I haven't quite figured out what they are good for. They are rather sweaty on hot summer days & I don’t find them all that great in the garden since they fill up with grit. They do look great on kids though, don’t you think?

Especially these two…who thought Grammy should have a pair also. Why not…they are just ‘pretend’ ones so we never broke the bank & they are good for getting the mail from the road!

Is Mary Kay providing pink hummers to it's most excellent representatives these days? And what was she doing at Castle Fun Park?


  1. I have a pair of bright blue ones and am now on the hunt for the softer colour mary janes. I do agree with you on the how sweaty in summer thing, but I have also disovered that they are wonderful with warm socks to replace slippers in the house.
    They are terribly cute on your little girls.

  2. I have some too! I have a pair of lavendar, a pair of lt. blue, and a new pair of black! All "counterfeit", but like Lovella, I love to wear them in the house.

    Your little girls are adorable in theirs. Did you know you can buy croc "jewelery"? They are called jibbets, and you decorate your crocs with the. Something the girls might like!

    I think you should plant some of your old seeds. Just a few to see if they will grow!

  3. love that you have crocs, love especially that the girls will think it so cool that they match with their grammy. (enjoy that while it lasts...)

  4. I think crocs are about as ugly as earth shoes from the 70's. But I have crocs flip-flops purchased at La Cantera Mall in San Antonio - they are SOOOO comfy, and great if you have to walk through puddles. Does Ryder have crocs too? I usually see him barefoot.

  5. Ryder has crocs & so does Ranen! But you're right...Ryder is usually barefoot. I'm not sure how he'll handle winter...and that's just around the corner.

  6. Here kids and teachers wear them in school.
    I love them because they are always ready to put on and go.
    Great picture and fond memories!


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