Monday, September 24, 2007

they call it puppy love...

Emerson & Spencer
are pleased to announce
the arrival of Nora
...early this morning!

The puppy is an Italian mastiff & was delivered just as the girls were getting ready for school. As exciting as grade one might be, it was no match for a new puppy! Needless to say, the girls were a little late for school this morning. Grammy went next door to see the puppy and then offered to drive them to school.

They find it quite interesting that this is the same school that Grammy & Grandpa attended a long time ago (also Auntie Heidi)...but most exciting is that 'cousin Gillian' from Manitoba even went here! The girls are loving grade one and were thankful that they could stay together (their classroom was overcrowded and ten first graders were moved to another class).

The halls are empty...they really are late! Oh well, the teacher will understand that a new puppy took priority today. Ryder likes the puppy well enough...he just doesn't like Mommy to pay too much attention to it. And Chief thought it was best just to ignore the whole thing...he walked across the fields today & paid me a visit.

He is a thirteen year old Malamute and isn't doing a whole lot of running these days. Jeremy & Broni had actually ordered a Bernese Mountain Dog pup, but changed their mind because they don't bark. They thought it might be nice to have a 'watchdog' on the farm with all the break-and-enters that have been happening in our neighbourhood recently. So hopefully Nora grows up to be both a wonderful pet and a watchdog...and a friend to Chief.

This afternoon Ranen came to visit Grammy. She is all grown up at sixteen months...she had lots of new words for me today.

There won't be too many more barefoot days this year, so she was enjoying this one.

Mmmm...there's not a fruit she doesn't like!


  1. Oh what a cute puppy and cute grandkids. What a blessing it is to have them so close by. You must have many nostalgic feelings watching them walk where you walked.
    That puppy is so cute.

  2. Auntie Judy!!
    What an adorable puppy!! Nora is very cute! =D The twins are lucky to have you as a grandma!! ;) I wonder if cheif will be jealous?? Don't forget to give him his share of the love!!

    Love; Shelby


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson