Friday, September 21, 2007

sweet autumn

Summer is over & tomorrow is the first day of autumn (according to the calendar). My 'sweet autumn' clematis is starting to is covered with thousands of buds and by next week it will be a mass of star-shaped blooms.
A bonus is the beautiful fragrance! Most clematis don't bloom in fall & very few are fragrant, so this one is definitely a keeper.
How nice to have a clematis that puts on a spectacular late season show!

I have not done any fall decorating yet. Somehow fall decor & pink petunias just don't go together. The petunias are still looking so good that I haven't been able to bring myself to pull them out.

But this is it...summer's over and now they must go.


  1. Wow, your place looks beautiful!

  2. Oh I so know what you mean. I walk past all the pots of fall moms in the stores and silently wish all my hanging baskets would shrivel up and die. I'm still watering them and all my pots of petunias because it seems so anti gardening to choke the life out of them. If you can do it . can I. Your clematis is beautiful, I've never heard of a fall one.


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