Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tinhorn Creek...Oliver

My goodness...I'm busy packing to leave on my next vacation and I still have a post from the last one on file. So today I'm taking you back to Oliver...the wine capital of British Columbia. Sixty percent of all B.C. wines are grown right here on the hills around this desert town. More than 4500 acres of grape vines are cultivated in this area.

Since we were camping just down the road from the Tinhorn Creek Estate Winery...we decided to take a little tour. We hopped on our bikes for a short ride...and soon decided we would mostly be pushing our bicycles up the hill!

Nestled in the hillside below an abandoned gold mine, Tinhorn Creek looks down on the town of Oliver in an area called the 'golden mile' of vineyards. It really is a lovely spot...with a great view.

There are garden areas and an amphitheatre...ideal venues for weddings and concerts. Several concerts slated for this summer were already sold out...including a Lisa Brokop concert in September.

As we stood on the deck overlooking the valley, the storm blew in...

...and before long the valley was obscured in a cloud of sand (this is a desert location, after all!).

Then came the rain...and we are not talking about a little drizzle. The skies opened up...and everyone ran for cover. It looked like we may be spending a whole lot more time in the wine-tasting room than we had planned on. Oh well...we were in good company!

I'm not much of a wine connoisseur, but had to try the Kerner Ice wine...an award winning wine made from red trollinger and white riesling grapes. How sweet it is!

Once the thunder storm had rolled by...we too rolled off down the hill. If you are ever in British Columbia's wine capital...go take the tour. You'll be glad you did!

There may not be a whole lot of action on 'my front porch' for the next little while...since we will be visiting sunflower country. I'll tell you all about it later...but let me just say that it is not France or Italy...or Nebraska, for that matter!


  1. Judy, What a gorgeous spot. I smiled when I saw the storm blow in and the cover you had to take was indoors at the wine tasting area. You might also enjoy Late Harvest Wine. I find it not quite as sweet and less expensive.
    Have a wonderful time away and come home rested and safe.

  2. Wine country in BC...lovely!

    Wherever you're off to next, Judy, have a blessed time! I am certain that you will and take lots of pictures!

  3. Such a lovely vineyard.

    Judy, have a wonderful time. I know you will share lots of pictures and stories with us when you return.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation and I can't wait to pick those wonderful raspberries. My whole family wants to help....When you haven't picked berries for 30 years or given your children the experience, everyone gets excited.

  5. WOW! Beautiful scenery Judy...God sure does good work.....Can't wait to see the next photos...have a wonderful time...

  6. Okay Judy, you were in France, right? NO? Spain? What absolutely beautiful scenery...thanks for the tour...you're an excellent tour guide!

  7. That looks like a beautiful spot to visit.
    Your upcoming trip sounds interesting. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip.
    I will miss your posts, but I'm sure there will be a lot of nice new photos when you return.
    Have fun,

  8. That was a refreshing and fun tour...what could be better? Wine, sand storms, quickly passing thunderstorms, rain, and beautiful wet blacktop (how I love that smell!) to travel down on your way back to the campsite. I've never tried riding a bicycle after enjoying a little wine...hmmmm. BC has some lovely things to offer!

  9. What beautiful countryside! I am so glad you are getting to take a trip to somewhere with lots of sunflowers. I think they are so pretty. There is something so happy about them. I love it that you are camping and traveling around to these wonderful spots. Please have fun and I will miss your posts! Love ya, Trish

  10. Ah Judy....wherever will your path take you I wonder? And what delights will be in store for us upon your return? I look forward to it. Take care my journeying friend. Have a terrific time.

  11. Oh Judy...thank you for once again taking us along on one of your adventures! Truly stunning pictures!
    I can't wait to read all about your sunflower tour! Hmmm...wonder where Judy is off to now????


  12. Oh my..sunflower country! Have a nice trip, Judy.

  13. Well the next time I visit British Columbia, I'm checking out this place, wow!!! It's gorgeous, so green and lush, I bet the wine is good too!

    Thanks for taking us to this lovely place, have a wonderful vacation and we'll catch ya when ya come back...

  14. What a wonderful plcae to visit, I am so ignorant, I hadnt realised that wine was made in BC, despite the fact that my daughter lives there!
    Wonder where the sunflowers are?

  15. Beautiful pictures! Stop over to my blog. I have something for you.

  16. I love these phots.You live in such a beautiful place/

  17. These photos are lovely and its very interesting to learn of B.C.'s "wine capital"!


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