Friday, November 26, 2010

all on a winter's day...

While many of you were celebrating Thanksgiving...
my thoughts were moving ahead to Christmas. 

Outside the snow was falling...
and the roads were treacherous. 

I stayed indoors and began to unpack the Christmas decor.

The mantle garland is up...
and the tree is half-up.

One strand of lights decided to call it quits...
and so the tree will need to wait for another day.  

I've been sewing napkins for Christmas dinners...
in a few co-ordinating fabrics.
I thought I would get the 'placecards' ready as well...
and am using Christmas ornaments in colours that co-ordinate with the napkins.
 The name tag is attached to the top with gold ribbon.
Quick and easy. keep the ball from rolling around...
I attached a little piece of 'tacky wax adhesive' to the bottom of each
(the kind used to keep candles upright in their holders).

And, while many of you were having turkey for dinner last night...
we had chicken and stuffing...
and thought of our 'American cousins'.

You had pumpkin pie...
we had gingerbread with warm lemon sauce.

'Tis the season!


  1. It's starting to look like Christmas at your house:) Love those serviettes and great idea for place cards, Judy.
    And of course your 'front porch' is welcoming!

  2. Wow - very elegant and rich! Blessings for a wonderful Christmas season.

  3. Beautiful! What a fun thing to do on a Thursday in November. Now gingerbread with lemon sauce sounds fine to me. Hope that you have some chicken leftovers so that you can have some warm chicken sandwiches with gravy today. I'm so looking forward to our turkey sandwiches this evening. Hmmmm...

  4. Your post is just what I needed to inspire me to begin on my Christmas decorating. Normally this is the weekend we do that, but today I am feeling a bit tired (jet lagged). I think a snowfall would also be inspiring and yours looks so pretty.
    The napkins you made are so elegant looking and the ornament placecard holders look so nice with them.
    Your dinner sounds delicious too. All in all it looks like you had a nice, productive day yesterday.

  5. Love the patterns in those napkins Judy! Very nice. I also like the place cards. It's not easy to find nice ones out there. :0)

  6. Your mantel looks so pretty. I can hardly get my mind around Christmas this inspired me a wee bit...thanks. My wreath will be on the door this morning. Love the colours of your table decor!

  7. So pretty! I love the cloth napkins with matching placecard bulbs. I love the anticipation of spending time with loved ones around the table. Your day feels like mine felt... just good to be home.

  8. Your Christmas table is going to be beautiful with those napkins and place card holders.
    I hope to get to some Christmas decorating this weekend. Our snow is melting fast and I'm sure yours will soon, too. We'll push some of that warm Pacific air over to you.

  9. You've been busy with your sewing machine! Here in Ottawa winter has finally caught up to the standard set by the coast....and it's looking like Christmas.

  10. Love your place holders; great idea. I think it was the year for dead lights; we had to stop midway on tree decorating as well to go get more.

    It's very sad to see all the snow melting away today; was sure pretty while it lasted.

  11. Your napkins and tags are going to look gorgeous on the table.

  12. wow, gingerbread and warm lemon sauce, that sounds good. Your decorating is looking pretty. We dont tend to put up decorations until nearer the day but they are beginning to go up in the shops now. I am looking forward to seeing more photos as you progress!

  13. Your front door looks so inviting and beautiful. The way you are going to create a tablescape for your Christmas dinner will certainly bless your family. I especially like the name tags and how you placed them. Your blog encourages me to get out my Christmas decorations.

  14. Everything looks like it's coming together for your festivities. It's fun when one can be prepared ahead of time in our hearts and on the outside. Have a blessed weekend.
    Oh, by the about ginger cake and lemon sauce...You need to post that.

  15. What a neat idea for name tags! and clever with the 'tacky wax adhesive'
    and those napkins look great! as do your decorations!

  16. Love the fabrics for the napkins. It was snowing here too on the day after Thanksgiving. Rained all day on the day though. Not cold, just rainy. Time to start decorating here too.

  17. I love your pretty front porch, Judy. You are way ahead of me as far as preparing for Christmas.
    We celebrated Thanksgiving a few days early so we could celebrate with our daughter, who traveled to Colorado the day before Thanksgiving. It gave us time to go to the parade in Manhattan for the first time in many many years and we had such a good time. With my husband home four days we were able to almost finish our Christmas shopping, but the decorating hasn't begun as yet.

  18. You are busy.....and your home looks lovely!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson