Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It has felt rather frigid around here these past days...
and so I am staying indoors and keeping warm. 

The view is just fine from my sewing room/office...
where I have been hanging out.  

It seems the internet connection doesn't take too well to the cold temperatures...
and so my computer hasn't been of much use these past few days.  
I'm a little reluctant to go 'on-line shopping' when the shopping cart freezes mid-spree.

And for those times when the power has gone out...
we were not left totally in the dark. 

The moon has been incredible...
a wonderful light in the darkness.

I'm looking forward to more seasonal temperatures by the end of the week...
but am enjoying the view from indoors for now.


  1. Lovely photos!! We've got -25 this morning. I'm so glad for our parkade, at least I don't have to battle the cold car until later in the day.

  2. I'm glad you have a warm place! It's 78 degrees here, so I don't think snow is a concern.:-) But it rained on us all the way home from TN and they say we will have it tomorrow which may make it a little dreary ....outside, but we will be happy and thankful inside!!

  3. That mountain view is spectacular. I am glad to know that the temps your way will be moderating soon. You've had quite the experience with these frigid temps the past few days.

  4. Oh, Judy. Wow! That view is just awesome. I can't even imagine.

    Stay warm.♥

  5. What a beautiful view and wonderful photos!

  6. What a freeze...I had to dig out my carrots and beats yesterday. They will make some good soup!
    These cold winter days should be snuggling around playing Rook.

  7. looks cold there Judy! We have continued to have a mild autumn but I think it may dip below 30 F tomorrow--we shall see.
    I'm sure our winter will become frigid soon...brrr

    I've been busy preparing for our Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. ha ha .. your shopping cart froze on line? That's not good.
    The moon has been gorgeous! Is that because of the cold?

  9. I'm hoping you keep power from here on in! Beautiful views from your house...

  10. Great view there Judy.
    I enjoy the full can see the snow sparkling.

  11. Wow, wow and wow again!!! I wouldn't mind being stuck inside if that were the view from my window. Gorgeous and I'm so glad you shared it.

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  13. Yes the cold weather makes one thankful for a cozy home and a wood stove. It's been -28 two mornings in a row and only warmed up to -16 this afternoon. Hope your weather's back on track soon! Your mountain view is magnificent!

  14. I am afraid I would never get any work done if my view was like yours from my sewing room/office. Wow! It is beautiful! The moon and the snow created a perfect winter evening for a picture. Thanks for sharing.

  15. ooh...I really miss that cold air, fresh snow, and cozy evening inside after a walk... It's hard to be away from home this time of year...


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