Wednesday, November 17, 2010

cats that mean business...

You won't usually see posts about cats over here...since we have none around our house. But we have some business cats in our community...that have gained notoriety.

When I saw Nietzsche-the-cat front and center in the newspapers this past weekend...I thought he deserved honorable mention over here.

We know him quite well from our trips to The Bookman...our local bookstore. He keeps watch over the till...or prowls around the stacks of books...and is a favorite of the kids.  And now he is the poster cat for as the top bookstore cat in North America.  I just happened to have a picture of Nietzsche in my files...and so I thought I'd share his new found fame with all of you.

And then there is the cat that lounges around at one of my favorite garden shops...and can be found napping next to the catnip...or is that basil? 

And the door greeter over at 'Ship Happens' is also a feline. Who knew...that cats are good for business? 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Who knew, indeed? I've never had a cat, and am not likely to have one now, but there's something comfortable about a business with an animal greeter.

  2. I love cats. A cat makes a great addition to a home. Although, I know there are those who are allergic to pet dander and things like that. But they can be a great companion.

  3. I love cats, and the one in the bookshop is a very lovely one!

  4. No cats around here, either. It is interesting how many small businesses have cats or dogs as greeters :0)

  5. Our cat is beautiful - but has been banished to outdoors since clawing my brandnew leather sofa-chair the day after it arrived in my house!... But The Bookman is a store that deserves plenty of coverage. I stopped by a used book store they opened here (after my living here more than 30 yrs)and it just can't begin to compare!

  6. we have 2 cats at our business as well. I love the kitty at Ship Happens; so pretty! and I'm embarrassed to admit, I've lived here for 7years and have yet to visit The Bookman; must change that!

  7. Working cats are wonderful! Catalina Island off So. Calif has a cat in every store. Rare is the non-chain book store without a cat, and there actually is a map of public libraries with cat on their staff!

    Eastern Canada seems especially fond of working library cats.
    Good to know about the Abe cat too.

  8. love the cat pics :) but i am one of those weird cat ladies who is allergic but has an indoor cat who i take meds to live with ;)

  9. Nietzsche looks very intelligent!

    As you know I am a cat admirer and have always had a cat companion since I was a little girl. They each had a personality, and were very much loved :)

  10. We have three cats..One is my favorite and one I just tolerate. Having not really been a cat person I am finding that they are fun and have quirky personalities.Looking at your photos it made me think of security cats. They just might tackle someone if they try to heist!

  11. Ship Happens is the place that suits a cat... she probably finds the odd mouse in that warehouse... I wonder if someone takes her home for the night?
    My H always sent any cats that got into our yard away, until he found out that we had rats under the hot tub and realized that they helped us take care of them.


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