Thursday, December 2, 2010

breakfast at grammy's....

When the grands spend the night...
they usually decide what it is they would like for breakfast.  
I'm not really sure what they would call this...

...a breakfast sandwich of sorts, I guess.
Take one slice of toasted whole wheat bread...
top with peanut butter and jam...
carefully add a layer of cheerios.  

One of them invented it...

...the other decided it was a good idea...
and soon it was a breakfast favorite. 

Ryder likes his cereal dry...'with lots of brown sugar, please'.
Grammy doesn't really check what the rules are at home...
we have our own rules over here!

Maelyn (who is just two) came for a sleepover last weekend.
First thing in the morning she ran to the pantry and came out with a bag of popcorn twists in tow.
"Want popcorn twists, Grammy."
"For breakfast, Maelyn?"
"Yeah.  Good idea!"
And so she had popcorn twists for breakfast.

I'm just saying...the breakfast menu is always open for debate at Camp Grammy's.
I have three of them here for breakfast this morning...
we'll see what we can muster up.

The lunches are made...and are very healthy...
and peanut free since their school is a 'peanut free zone'.

Enjoy the day!


  1. That breakfast sandwich looks very innovative and tasty. I may have to try the recipe myself. Now popcorn twists...not too sure about that one. I find it so sad that schools must go "peanut" free. Our local school has been peanut free for years and no one has a peanut allergy as far as anyone can discover. This peanut free thing also includes hazelnut coffee. I'd be miserable if I were still working there. I'm sure parents have figured out ways around it, but peanut butter is such an inexpensive, healthful staple for so many struggling families. Ahhh, well, time to get down from my soapbox.

  2. I may have to print off that breakfast sandwich recipe!
    I don't know about popcorn twists for breakfast - my favorite is cold pizza!

  3. I'd like to come to your house for breakfast. Can we have double fudge cake?

  4. I am sooo laughing. Kyra and I struggle with regular breakfast foods...quesadillas are our favorite.

  5. Grammy...if I come to your house and spend the night, can I have See's candy and champagne for breakfast if that is what I want, right?

  6. Well it looks like what happens at Grammy's has not stayed at Grammy's. You've given away some secrets of what makes Grammy's house special. Enjoy the day!

  7. Grammie camp sounds good to me. It worked when my mom had grammie camp and the tradition continues. Our kids survived with only good memories to show for it .. .so it must be good.
    Their breakfasts did make me smile.

  8. Its great having grandma's rules isnt it? Especially when we would never have allowed our children to have and do the things we let our grandchilren have and do...make me feel a little rebelious!

  9. So much nicer to live by Granny's rules when they caome to stay!

  10. Love the Grammy no rule zone!


  11. Grammy's house is always a place where rules are relaxed :) As long as the little ones are fed and happy dry cereal or popcorn twists sound good to me!

  12. It's fun to see how you have made your breakfast's so creative...and so stimulating and healthy.
    How fun! I think all of us from blog land want to come visit.

  13. What a fun post for some adorable little ones. You add creativity and lots of love to the lives of these children. The memories will last a lifetime. My grandma would make hot chocolate for us, and let us dip our toast into it. I remember her everytime I have that.

  14. I would have to say, I would definitely try the breakfast sandwich :)
    you have beautiful grandchildren!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson