Tuesday, December 28, 2010

signs of the times....

How is it...that the kids always seem to find the perfect gift for us...
when we think we don't need a thing?

I unwrapped a rather long flat gift on Christmas Day...
to find a sign.

Rather an appropriate sign!

I know exactly where it will hang...
once I figure out how to put nails in Hardie board.

I'll  always be sure to find my way to the right porch...
 from now on!

And I have a new piece of artwork hanging in my office.
Artwork with a message...
that seems to ring true!

I think my kids must know me.

And hubby got exactly what he wanted...
though he never even knew he wanted it!
The kids got him a 'smoker'...
and he's raring to start smoking.

Smoked salmon is one of his favorite foods...
and now he can smoke his own.
I'm not too sure who will do the catching...
but he will do the smoking.
Oh...and smoked Maui ribs sound good to me.
Or smoked Gouda cheese.
The possibilities are endless!

Did I tell you my kids know how to give good gifts?


  1. Excellent gifts! Those kids of yours really pay attention.

  2. These are such PERFECT gifts for you guys!!! Your family DOES know you well!! Happy New Year, Judy!

  3. Great gifts....when you do the nails in the Hardie, post it and I will do it on our Hardie board....
    Smoked salmon is the best...My hubby does it all the time..We have to import our salmon because where we live in NC is not where salmon live..LOL
    Thanks for sharing your new artwork.

  4. How perfect! Your family really does know what's needed for the perfect touch, don't they!

  5. Terry wants to see the smoker .. .I have talked about getting him one too because his dad always smoked salmon and we love it. His dad had made his own and he thinks he should make his own too ..but this sounds simpler.
    oH. .I love your signs ..such thoughtful kids ..and so perfect. Now ..everyone can identify the all important porch. . you better have lots of iced tea ready in summer :)

  6. Great gifts. Your kids definitely know you well :).

  7. Vee told me to see what you got for Christmas. She is right that sign I love you blogs and coffee is wonderful.
    I love the one of your front porch too.

  8. Such great gifts - lucky you! Love the signs of the times! Oh, and smoked turkey is terrific!!

  9. I'd say those kids know you well! The sign and the poster are perfect!
    Now, a smoker - smoked turkey, smoked chicken, pork chops......there will be some more tasty meals in your future.

  10. Your kids are amazing.
    Wish I was that clever with gifts for my parents!

  11. Oh man I'm going to ask Dear if he can smoke Gouda in his smoker. Love the new porch sign Judy! Absolutely perfect!

  12. What a perfect gift.
    I love that...and it will be so suitable for your Front Porch.
    Every day I'm wondering what you are doing.....
    Pretty soon we will have smoking/roasting parties..

  13. How great. That is the best I have seen. That shows how appropriate your blog name is. Happy New Year.

  14. What thoughtful and appropriate gifts! I love the front porch sign! My hubby has a smoker....smoked chicken and turkey are tasty, too. But they look s little pink even when they are done, so don't let that fool you.

  15. How terrific are those gifts for you!
    Hope your Christmas was great!


  16. What fun gifts you and your husband received! They are perfect!

  17. I LOVE smoked Gouda, too! Elmer needs to learn quickly how to use his smoker because I'm planning to come visit soon! And you need to get that sign put up because how would I find your porch otherwise??? Enjoy...

  18. Love your new signs Judy! Have a wonderful time away.

  19. Hey, what a nice winter banner...
    Where oh where did Christmas go?


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson