Monday, December 27, 2010

so this was Christmas...

Christmas 2010.  
Old traditions memories made.
The same story retold...
the one that never grows old!

And having the story of Jesus told on Christmas Eve... the wee ones is a favorite part of the Christmas season. 

Especially if that 'wee one' happens to be Maelyn...
and she tells the story with such enthusiasm!

And these three did a fabulous job of singing their hearts out...
with their Sunday school choir as well!

Christmas Day Brunch...
a tradition with a menu that never changes.
Though I would be quite happy to cook up something new...
they insist we have 'Christmas Morning Wifesaver' every year!

Santa usually shows up with the stockings right after brunch.
He does change things up a bit though...
at times arriving with a knock at the door...
and another time found in a rocking chair by the tree.

This year he announced his whereabouts with a loud honking of the horn.
The grands all ran to the garage...
where Grandpa Santa was sleeping in the old Monarch.

He attempted to distribute the stockings...
but it seems he had lost his glasses somewhere along the way...
and was forced to enlist the help of the oldest two grands who could actually read the names on the stocking.

Oh, what fun!

Once the stockings were all in the right hands...we began the gift-giving marathon.
That too is done the same way every year.  
The gifts are all distributed...
and then we begin to unwrap the parcels...
from the youngest to the oldest.

As you can tell...
he who got up at 4:30 a.m. to milk the cows needed a little R & R before the gift exchange.  
He woke up once the unwrapping began!

Good gifts...
given in love...
and received with a heart of gratitude. 
I'll be back to show you a few...tomorrow.

Ranen insisted on modeling her new 'slipper jammies'...
and willingly posed with her brother by the tree before they left for home.

The house is quiet again...but the memories remain. was a lovely Christmas!


  1. A lovely celebration - so glad for you all! We had a grand time too although missing our son and dil in London. Skype helped!

    Hope you're able to find some time for r&r after a busy few days!

  2. Oh Judy the line, "The house is quiet again" struck me with a shake. Ours too is now quiet again. I miss them all so much and love it when they come but it is good to get back to order and a routine. Happy you had a great celebration. Looking forward to this coming year for more great blogging time.

  3. Some very sweet moments to cherish. All the grands are so beautiful and I love how they enjoy this special season. I know that they bring you great joy!

    My home is all quiet now as well except for the clicking of the keys as I type this comment. Wait, I can hear the furnace roaring and the blizzard wind howling, but still...too quiet when just yesterday and Christmas Day there was a steady hum and so much laughter.

  4. Christmas when the youngest person is 30 definitely lacks something. If I lived closer I would ask to rent your grands to come over and make some noise!

  5. Wonderful. Love Santa's Sleigh! Wonderful traditions to uphold. I love children's programs at Christmas...just the best.

  6. What a wonderful tradition you have . .wifesaver ..a responsible santa and gift giving in a orderly process. I so enjoyed seeing it all.

  7. Maelyn was so cute...I saw her and how adorable....
    I loved thinking of Santa sleeping in the car...How much fun those kids have had and you you said, "The memories will live in their heart forever.

  8. I love the traditions and the fact they are so important to family members! Thank you for sharing YOURS with US! 'Christmas Morning Wifesaver'.....sounds interesting!!

  9. What a wonderful day you all had!!!!

  10. It looks like it was a wonderful Christmas at your house, Judy! You have the best family traditions.

    We were walloped with two feet of snow yesterday night! It was a day spent shoveling and trying to warm up.

  11. Yes, this was Christmas! Looks like you had a meaningful family time! We just gave gifts to the little ones this year - it's a long story, lol. Blessings for the New Year!

  12. I don't mention it often, but I consider it a real privilege to visit your blog, sometimes on a daily basis. To step into your family life for a few moments and share the joy that they bring to your heart. You share in such a meaningful and fun way and I love being a part of it. You have a beautiful family!

    And, who else has a five star bird housing? What a talents BIL you have! Keep bloggging my friend!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson