Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the lights of Christmas...

Sunday was the day...and a perfect one at that, for a scenic drive and and evening of outdoor meandering among 'the lights of Christmas'.  We set out by bus...thirty-eight of us and our trusty driver, Frank.  The two-hour drive to Stanwood, Washington and Warm Beach Camp was a memorable one.  With snow-capped peaks against the clear blue sky, a most awesome sunset a little later, and very warm fellowship...it's a ride we won't forget.  (The heater on the bus worked a little too well, and it felt rather like a sauna inside!).

Though the GPS is usually most reliable...it totally let us down this time.  It informed us 'we had reached our destination' when we were still many miles away  with not a clue where to go.  After a few u-turns...we had an officer tap on the bus driver's window while at a red light.  He asked if we were heading for Warm Beach Camp...and then told us where to go.  He said he had been following us since the US border crossing and had figured we were lost.  Do angels come in officer's gear?  From there on it was easy to find!

And what a find it was!

These are a few of the light displays we passed by...

...on our way to the first venue.

We took in a concert at the Joyland Concert Stage shortly after our arrival...

...a fabulous production called "Uff Da! It's Christmas".

Though we may not have any Scandinavian blood in our veins...
I think we could all identify with the performers as they shared the importance of tradition in the celebration of Christmas.

We wandered about the grounds...
enjoyed clam chowder...
or fried chicken...
and mini-donuts, of course.

Can you even imagine how long it took to hang all the lights? 
It takes over 800 volunteers to make this event happen every December. 

It is an amazing display...

...and so worth the trip to Warm Beach Camp!

We listened to the carolers...

...and warmed our hands around the fire when the need arose.

And at the very heart of the light display was the nativity scene.  

Jesus..the light of the world!

If you happen to live in the Pacific Northwest...
check out The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach Camp.

It is so worth a visit!


  1. What a wonderful evening! Yes, I do believe that the officer could've been an angel...how cool is that that he made the effort to ask?! The heater on the bus went roar roar roar? Oh that's not good. Ha!

  2. That light show is terrific! The first such show we saw was in New Oreleans, and after that we were hooked. That was over a decade ago, this year there are three such venues in Salt Lake, but I doubt they will top what you saw,+ all the fun with friends.

  3. If I may, I'm going to put a link on my today's post to yours. Mine is also about Canadian lights!

  4. Your grandkids know the word "Uff da" well. I use it all the time! The lights look amazing..we should for sure take all the kids and fam next year! Broni

  5. Judy . .I can imagine that bus ride down. I hope your tummy trouble was long gone by then.
    What fantastic places you find for your tours. It looks well worth the U turns. So glad the officer only wanted to help .. must have been an angel.

  6. Judy you've done a wonderful post on Warm Beach. We took our family there several years ago and like you, we were so impressed with their display.

  7. Such a pretty evening, your photos are so crisp and clear. Glad you had fun!

  8. I was thinking you must have had a good driver there... usually when a police has followed me a ways.. I get a different message when they top on my window. =)
    Looks like you had a great time after finding the beach.

  9. Found you by way of Elizabethd and so glad I did. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  10. How fun to come down here on a bus. I haven't made it to warm beach yet. Maybe next year.

  11. Wow, wow, wow! That is spectacular.

    I love looking at Christmas light displays. We had a wonderful display less that an hour away for years, but it was discontinued a few years ago.

  12. I cannot imagine the beauty you saw at this camp. I never saw so many lights and the food you mentioned sounded so good. Celebrating Christmas in this way certainly created a fun memory for all of you. Thank you for sharing it, and the "angel" story.

  13. This was a wonderful event, travelling with old friends and new friends.
    We learned many things about ourselves through the Christmas play...I'm not sure if I remember where my photos went...Uffta...


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