Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a case for kindle...

His pile...left.
Her pile...right.

We worked our way through our respective stacks of books while on vacation.
There's a reason why her luggage takes up more space than his.
I'm just saying!

Kindle e-reader...
a traveller's best friend.

Speaking of reading...
I'll give you my top three picks from 'her pile'.
  1. I'll start with one that we listened to as an audio book while driving.  Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies is the story of the woman who helped hide Anne Frank and her family. made the miles slip by quickly!
  2. Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman.  Mary Beth is the wife of recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman and shares her journey of struggle and hope following the very tragic loss of their young daughter.
  3.  Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo.  My daughter-in-law recommended this book...and we found it at Costco.  It's a quick read...of a little boy's trip to heaven and back during surgery. 
I read others...some were good for laughs, others were most intriguing...but these three were the most inspirational!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I appreciate the reading recommendations. Thank you! Reading is something I really enjoy, and look forward to times away with some good books(or a kindle).

  2. I just love the feel of a book, rather than an e-reader....but I can see how useful they are!

  3. I love books, but I have been reading twice as much since I got my Kindle. I am very interested in the Anne Frank book. I saw her hiding place in Amsterdam years ago and have not forgotten it.

  4. You make a good point, Judy.
    Thanks for your book recommendations. I am thinking the Anne Frank audiobook would make a good gift for my sister. Since her stroke she is unable to read books. She does enjoy the audiobooks and prefers non-fiction over fiction.
    I have read Heaven is For Real and enjoyed it very much.

  5. I'd gladly pay for extra baggage.:-)I love the feel of holding a book, I like to touch paper of printed word in my hands. I love the covers of books,their fancy little jackets removed prior to reading :-)
    I'm fearful of bookstores closing, I can get lost in a bookstore for hours!
    I know the kindle is very popular...I guess it's the same reason I still have my record albums :-) Not a fan of change...

    I wrote a blog called "Downhill Since the Bookmobile" you might enjoy :-) :-)
    P.S I don't hold it against my friends in blog land that use Kindles I'm just in love with books!
    extra Hugs!!

  6. A case to be made indeed! I'm pondering it. Oh and thank you for the book recommendations. I've heard of all three, have read none, and am now very intrigued.

  7. I have started leaving my piles of books behind. I do though think that those kindle books might be just the perfect thing for travelling.
    I feel for those book stores though. I'm still conflicted.
    I appreciate those recommendations. I have a stack of books already collected for my next vacation. .whenever that might be.

  8. I love the feel of a book in my hand. But, I've told my husband that before we take another trip on an airplane I would like an e-reader. It would lighten the luggage no end!

    I'm very interested in that Anne Frank book - will look it up in the library.

  9. I also appreciate your recommentdations here. I'll be looking for the Anne Frank book.
    While on vacation we saw the movie Sarah's Key. Leaves you thinking about a tragic part of history and what we can learn from it.

  10. I have 'Ann Frank Remembered' on audio book in my car right now! Plan to listen to it on my way home Sunday!

    I still READ books the old fashioned way.......

  11. There are some advantages to the electronic version, no doubt about it.

  12. We have the same book ownership here. Dear has the Kindle and I have my many books! :0)

  13. I have read the first two and you are right about them. I bought the children's version of the third for my grandchildren. So, I will be reading that soon!

  14. What a fun photo! I had a Kindle but gave it to my daughter as I still a prefer a good old fashioned book!

    I was away a couple of days and read the "Heaven is For Real" book was very enjoyable. I must look for "Anne Frank Remembered."

  15. I'm always very glad for a recommendation from a fellow reader, so I'll look up those books this week. I don't have an e-reader yet, but was looking at a couple this week. They seem to make sense for travelling, but I'd miss the feel of the book.

  16. I think I'm stuck to a book...I've tried my Ipad...but it's not the same feeling of having sand and coke and wet towels crunched beneath the papers. Sound like you enjoyed some good reads.

  17. It is a modern miracle how the mountain of books shrinks to fit into one little Kindle... it really is the way to take books on vacation.... I love my Kindle even though it will never be the same as a real book. Love your book choices !

  18. I brought my sister's "Kobo" along and loved it. Read 5 books on it and have decided to put one on my Christmas list. I'll always enjoy a book in my hand but this was ideal for reading on the beach (no wet, sandy pages blowing in the wind) and while traveling. (no heavy books to cart along and take up suitcase space.)

    I'll look up that book on Anne Frank. My favourite reads this holiday were The Secret Daughter" "The Sea Captain's Wife" and Jan Karon's "In the company of Others".


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