Wednesday, November 23, 2011

on-the-road crocheting...

Baby Lucy came to spend the afternoon with Grammy yesterday...

 ...and was quite willing to model the hat I crocheted for her on our recent road trip to California.

Not everything from my crochet-as-we-drive bag turned out quite so good.
 The slippers I attempted may be functional...
but not so pretty!
I've commissioned slipper-making to my sister-in-law.
It's probably better that way.

It is hard to go wrong with dishcloths!
I have enough to last a long while.

Listening to an audio book...
poking through yarn with a hook...
and enjoying the sights along the way.
That's my favorite kind of road trip...
a good way to while away the miles.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

To those who are interested in the 'ruffled rose hat' pattern...
it is available here


  1. Great idea! I like to keep my hands busy, too. Have not done crochet in years but I think I will see what I can come up with in my craft baskets. I know I have EVERY size hook they make! I used to do those big rugs where you use a GIANT hook!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm thinking one of those dishcloths really wants to come to your DIL house..yes? I haven't had one of those since Grandma Nellie days! That hat is cute on sweet Lucy!

  3. Must Lucy grow so fast like all the others? My goodness she does look like her big sister! You've made a lovely hat. Now that is something I'd not even attempt!

  4. Love that hat and the model is a little doll! So cute. You and Willow working away with your needles while traveling.

  5. Oh that hat is so cute. I love your dishcloths too and think that maybe I should start poking in and out in the evenings instead of clicking away on keys. We really are into the long winter nights now.

    Your baby Lucy is just a doll.

  6. That hat is adorable!!! Are you willing to share the pattern?? Thanks! Peggy
    email address

  7. I hope I need that "ruffled rose" pattern one day in the future ...of course I'll have to learn to crochet first ;)

  8. Tht photo of baby Lucy is priceless! I think she really likes the hat. I do.

  9. Wow! Your baby Lucy sure looks like her Mama! So sweet!

  10. Judy Lucy is so precious! Her eyes are such a beautiful color and that hat you made makes them really stand out. Great job on the hat, and enjoy your Lucy-)


  11. Well this little hat turned out beautifully, and yes a perfect model....she is so sweet! Your trip sounded just like our last journey home from Devon.....listening to an audio book, crocheting little scarves and watching the scenery go passed!

  12. Very sweet picture of Lucy and the hat is gorgeous. I love those big flowers on sweet little babies.

  13. Lucy looks like a little model. What a perfect way to pass time while on the road...relaxed and productive at the same time.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson