Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a postcard from Palm Springs...

Greetings from Palm Springs...
where the sun always shines...
the skies are always clear...

...and one can spend all day lying under the palm trees reading a book. 
Can you tell we are on vacation? 

Though there are big plans to do some touristy things while we are here...
to this point we have not left the resort. 
I have read three books so far...
and met some interesting people at the pool. 

The blackbird in the photo always comes to watch us eat on our patio. 
I think someone must have spoiled him before we arrived! 

Whether the sun is shining in your neighbourhood...
or you are experiencing a touch of winter weather...
may you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Looks warm and pleasant! Have fun!

  2. Is this the place where you float on a river all day long in a comfy inner tube thingy? Gosh my language skills seem to be slipping... Enjoy those books, at the rate you're going you'll need to get a library card in Palm Springs.

  3. Hey Judy, you're not that far away. If you're planning a day trip to Phoenix let me know. I'd enjoy meeting you. In the meantime, enjoy your vacation!

  4. Oh, I see that lazy river winding its way through the resort....sigh. 3 books, what a treat! Keep on relaxing, you are doing a fabulous job at it!

  5. Your about an hour and a half from me :p
    Glad you are here ...temps are perfect for Palm Springs right now!

    Enjoy, Hugs!

  6. That water is so inviting. I didn't go swimming once this past summer - and I love the water. Enjoy the sunshine! Enjoy the rest!

  7. Oh.. enjoy! I can well imagine, having been there so many times this time of year.
    Do go see the Indian Canyon, though, if you have not been there.
    We are having a cold, sunny day here. Beautiful too.

  8. Enjoy! I know how much you have looked forward to time off the farm...and with the late corn crop tucked away. .you can just relax!
    Read a book for me too. I love to read and have a few put away for such an eventuality.

  9. You're closer, but still not close enough to share with you some of the many books I need to take to the used book place :) Enjoy!

  10. Three books, meeting new people, and relaxing in the sun...what could be better! It is a beautiful sunny, cool day here today and the last of the snow is melting.

  11. Looks wonderful - is it warm enough to swim?
    Indian Canyon is beautiful. Another place I've heard is gorgeous is the Painted Canyon. We tried going there once but the bridge was out and we couldn't get there.

  12. Have a wonderful vacation Judy! It looks very relaxing.

  13. Wow! I want to go there! :-) Glad you are having a relaxed time. Soak up all the blue sky and sunshine you can!

  14. Judy, I was a way a few days last week in Key West, Florida, so I can understand the joy of blue skies and warm weather. Hope you enjoy every moment of your vacation!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson