Monday, November 21, 2011

'tis the season...

'Tis the season...
for warm winter woolies and a fire on the hearth!

Winter rolled into our valley like a freight train over the weekend...
ready or not!

'Tis the season for Christmas craft fairs and such.
The one I had the pleasure of attending over the weekend...
was sponsored by Ten Thousand Villages.

We shopped...
for products from around the world whose sales benefit the needy.
That's guilt-free Christmas shopping!
We noticed our favorite cookbook on display...
and we came prepared to add our signature.
We were also invited to stop by the Village Coffee House...
where local bakers had prepared a variety of treats and sweets...
all MGCC recipes.
How fun is that? 

'Tis the season to cook up a pot of chicken chowder...
bake a batch of  bread...
and invite the neighbours to the table on a Saturday night.

'Tis also the season for football...
and cheering on the home team!

'Tis the season for picking up our cousins friends on a Sunday night...
and driving to the home of other cousins friends...
for some fun, frivolity, fellowship...
and fabulous food, of course!

'Tis a season I like!


  1. Looks like the signing went well. I'm so sorry I had to miss it. But it sounds as though you enjoyed our local Greendale hangout afterwards. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  2. Fun time at the coffee house and out with good friends..good way to enjoy the season!

  3. It's really beginning isn't it? I' love it! Yesterday we went to our little local market and there will be one in every small town for the next few weeks.
    I'll have to let TGD know that it's time for a fire on the hearth!

  4. Tis a wonderful season...with snow on the ground, sort of like I anticipated, and can start on some of my favorites.
    Continue to enjoy dis Season!

  5. One of the most delightful things in life is when you are cousins and friends to boot!
    What a great little post on the book signing ..I need to do that too for documentation purposes. It is mighty tempting to steal your collage since our photos are the same!

  6. Yes! The season is beginning, and what fun to begin with a little snow, a craft fair, and visits from good cousins/friends.

  7. Oh. I wondered about the snow Lovella showed on her post yesterday. Guess it's time, but it's still pleasant here. We're loving the sun and mild temps. It's so unusual. I'm taking it as a God breeze.

    Glad that you had a great time signing cookbooks again. Wish I had been there to snag a few plates of goodies!

  8. I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the time I missed on Saturday.
    Yes.. tis a busy but wonderful season.

  9. It is sort of shocking when just last week you were in a swimsuit going around a Lazy River in Palm Springs. But there is pleasure in every season. I am trying not to think about Christmas until I have finished with all the Thanksgiving prep here. Company's coming!

  10. The weather is still rather mild here but I'm sure Winter will be arriving very soon!

    Enjoy your time with cousins,whoops, I mean friends! ;)

  11. A lovely season for sure. Look at all that stuff that was baked up from the cookbook! How fun is that.

  12. Is that a picture of a coal train? The Union Pacific brings coal from Wyoming/Montana - some far off place past my house several times a day on it's way to South Arkansas. Lovely scenery in your part of the world.

  13. Oops, just completed reading your profile and I see you are in British Columbia. Guess your coal train does not come to Arkansas.

  14. Tis a season that I like also. Friends, coffee, and gift shopping that helps others...what could be better!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson