Tuesday, November 22, 2011

how to make frozen grapes...

Here it is...
the most effortless method!

Go on vacation in fall...
leaving the grapes a few more weeks to ripen on the vine.

Come home to chilly temperatures.
Allow the deep freeze to envelope the grape crop of 2011.

Pick right off the vine...
and pop into mouth.

Frozen grapes.
They would be most refreshing on a hot summer day!

As a winter treat...
still not bad.

Next year I'm hoping the grapes will be ready for the picking before winter rolls in.


  1. I love frozen grapes!! I layer them on a cookie sheet and freeze solid then pour them up in plastic bags. Your grapes looked wonderful hanging on the trellis. Amazing you can freeze them just as and where they are!!!

  2. That's what they served to us on around the poolside on our vacation.
    I think it's a great idea...
    It's called a Healthy Choice.

  3. Beautiful photo. And I love having chilled grapes, the flavor of cold sweetness.

  4. These grapes look wonderful...I can only imagine how good they must taste!

  5. Oh, they look delicious. I'm glad you were still able to enjoy them.

  6. Now that is funny. They are beautiful...

  7. Ice wine! There is not a recipe for that?
    Oh frozen grapes must super healthy and yes. .on a hot winter day they will be fabulous. They should be vacpacked into tiny bags to enjoy all year long.

  8. Frozen grapes sound so good. Yours are flash frozen in place!

  9. Frozen grapes taste wonderful! Love the picture.

  10. Yummy! Add them to punch. I bet the grands will love them:)

  11. How long do they last that way? It seems to me you've got a lot of frozen grapes to eat. I wish that I had some for a grape salad!

  12. Had you but made them into "ice" wine...the stuff is so expensive but worth it.

    I love ice wine!


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