Friday, November 18, 2011

of comfort stations along the way...

Comfort was a new term to me.  I've heard them called a lot of things...but this tops the list.  It seems a more appropriate moniker than 'rest room'.  We visited many comfort stations along the route of our most recent travels.

Here is what you can expect from a comfort station at Yosemite National Park.

And if you go out for Mexican food...
this is what the comfort station looks like.

After a fabulous meal at Jackalope Ranch ...
I stopped by the comfort station before leaving.

Interesting!  I still have not figured out how the 'magic taps' worked.  They really were TAPS.  Just tap on the copper pipe and the water would flow.  If you are ever in the Palm Springs might want to check out Jackalope Ranch...for the food and the comfort stations.

As you can imagine...we stopped by a few comfort stations along the road on our 23 hour drive home.  Some were at rest areas, others at service stations...but my favorite place to stop was McDonald's.  A visit to the comfort station and a quick cup of coffee for the road...and we were good to go.

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year...we were in good company at McDonald's.  The troops were there as well...having their Veteran's Day rations.  We were there solely for comfort and coffee.  

So there you have it...a frivolous Friday post about looking for comfort in all the right places. 


  1. You found some nice relief stations along the way. I love seeing the vets all lined up for their free something...a meal? McDonalds deserves to be congratulated. I'd never have figured out the taps, which makes me wonder if somewhere there is a video of all the women trying to figure it out.

  2. What a great photo essay! I particularly liked the copper taps. The military personnel lined up at McDonalds was a great photo too.

  3. Funny, but we always called them Comfort Stations, learned from Mama when we were traveling...she always found the term Rest Area hysterically funny!
    Love your photos as've the knack alright, telling those stories with photos...

  4. Ah, Judy, you do it once more - lots of goodies for the eye and a wonderful turn of phrase. I love those fancy trough taps, and the rugged log comfort station. I always seem to find the ones that could only ever inspire an urge to get out as quickly as possible!

  5. Nice comfort stations! Looks like McDonald's was treating the troops well on 11-11! I like that. Have a great weekend!

  6. Comfort stations with personality! I first heard that term in Europe, on a bus tour.

  7. I like those places of comfort...well written and brought smiles and memories of some of my comfort stalls.
    I experienced a wonderful comfort stall last night. Thank-you!

  8. This was a lot of fun post, Judy! The copper pipes would have confused me too! I like facets, and other restroom devices, that require no hands to work --much more sanitary that way!

    I know on Veteran's day most fast food restaurants will give a free meal to active military and veterans who have ID. My future Navy Veteran son-in-law enjoyed a treat at a favorite place that day.

  9. And after eleven comments .. I'll take my turn. Never heard of comfort stations, but they sound ... comforting. Another word for restroom? Someone does not like that word?

  10. nd Jackalope is beautiful (never heard of it before--is it a hotel or a private club or a timeshare or...)

  11. Woops. The first half got cut off. Oh well. I enjoyed your post.

  12. You got some great shots! Love the comfort stations - I try not to miss any of those along life's trips! These have mightily improved from the outhouses one would find at the rest stops - eons ago!!Ugh - bad memories!! Good shot of the troops at McDs!!

  13. I like this and remember how I recently visited a comfort station at a restaraunt and almost went back to my table to get my camera.
    Very fun!

  14. What a fun post Judy. I've often been surprised and impressed with many of the "comfort Stations" we've come across. Some are definately worth a picture and a blog post!


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