Tuesday, November 15, 2011

palm springs aerial tramway...

It had been on our agenda on previous visits to Palm Springs...
but somehow never happened.  
Last week we finally took the tram up Mt. San Jacinta...
and were so glad we did!

The tram takes passengers on a 2 1/2 mile trip to the Mountain Station..
which has an elevation of 8516 feet.

The tram features two enclosed rotating cars...
each holding 80 passengers.

It seems November is a good time to beat the crowds.
We shared our ride with only a few others.

On the trip up we passed through five zones...
from the Mexican Sonoran Desert to the Alpine wilderness.

From the top we enjoyed incredible views of Palm Springs...
and the desert below.

Though they don't normally have fresh snow up there until the end of November...
last weekend saw a big dump.

There are some 53 miles of hiking trails in the Mt. Jacinta State Park...
but we soon discovered that our jogging shoes weren't meant for snow-covered trails.

We never strayed too far..
but quite enjoyed our first taste of snow for the season.

I only wiped out once...
and managed to hold the camera high as I went down!

We enjoyed fine 'California cuisine with breathtaking views'...
just like the brochure said!

And before the sun went down...
we took the tram back down the mountain.

Who knows...
we may even go again one day...
and do a little hiking on all those trails that were calling.


  1. Amazing scenery...desert to snowy mountaintops!

  2. Judy. .that is amazing. Imagine how refreshing that would be for the locals on a blistering hot day. I wonder how often the locals take advantage of a quick cool down.

  3. What a fast transition through all those climate zones. And a great meal at the end!

  4. What a 'cool' post!! Loved seeing these pics!

  5. Isn't that a breathtaking ride and view from the top! I'm glad there was snow for you.

  6. Glad you made it to the top...and you fell? I've told you for years...to get ready for skiing. You will find it more stable.
    I saw the tram...but who would of known that you would of had snow.
    Get ready!

  7. We went up there many years ago wehn I was preganant with our first. It was March and there was lots of snow up there, while down below we had suntanned.

  8. Beautiful Judy. I'm glad you had the chance to go up this time...

  9. Incredible. How ironic to experience snow for the first time this season above Palm Springs.

  10. The view from the top is very breathtaking! I certainly believe that you really had a great time visiting palm springs.

  11. I enjoyed the virtual tram ride and the view of Palm Springs. Your collage is great!

  12. It is kind of crazy going from one climate zone to another in such a short time. My tan is fading fast as the sun seems to have disappeared up north around these parts.

    I miss the heat...I can see why folks become snowbirds.
    How long have you been visiting Palm Springs?

    I might have to rethink retirement in a more temperate climate part time anyway. Enjoyed looking at all your photos.

  13. Exquisite winter wonderland beauty that you captured. Oh, how I would love to hike through some of those 53 miles of trails. I can imagine the quietness of it all. The tramway would definitely be on our bucket list.

  14. WOW! What a view! A tram is a wonderful way to see the sights as you have such an unobstructed view. Now I want to visit Palm Springs :)


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