Tuesday, April 10, 2012

finding hidden treasure...

They came in their Easter finery...
the treasure hunters.

Wee Lucy was all tuckered out from her attempts at crawling while wearing a dress...
and decided it was best if she napped while the others hunted for eggs.

Cousin Micah came looking all dapper...

...and seemed to know exactly what an Easter egg hunt was all about!

It didn't take him long to dig all the gummy worms out of his eggs!

For one day only...
eggs grew on raspberry canes...

...and in cedar trees.

They each searched for their own Easter basket...
eggs galore...
and a package from 'Auntie Emme'.

The grass field was out-of-bounds
(since any un-found treasure would wind up in the cattle feed)...
with one exception.
Somewhere in the big wide-open field were some packages for the two oldest grands.

It turns out Spencer and Emme are very good at finding hidden treasure!

And once all that was lost had been found...
they had a wonderful time playing with their new treasures.

The biggest hit?

The bubble blowers!

What could be more fun...

...then making mega bubbles on a breezy, sunny day in April?

How long can a bubble be?

It was a big disappointment when Ryder found his bubble 'ammunition' had run dry.

Thank-you Auntie Emme for giving us such fun treats!
(Auntie Emme is my sister Mary Ellen...
who has always been Auntie M.E. to my children...
and now to their children.)

The girls all decided that shoes were un-necessary.
After all...
the sun was shining!
Once all the treasure hunting, bubble blowing and swinging was done...
guess who joined the party?
 Lucy was done napping!

And that was the expanded version of what happened at our house on Easter Sunday.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. They're so adorable! I miss celebrating Easter with kids, decorating eggs and everything that comes with it :D

  2. The swing pictures are such fun. I am so glad you had it placed where you did.

  3. And a lovely time was had by all. So glad that Lucy is beginning to join the party more. What a cutie pie!

  4. Well, one thing for sure...those little girls sure look cute in those dresses..I wonder where we missed out? Maybe soon we will be whirling in dresses.
    Lucky capped it off.

  5. Isn't it a tradition that Lucy isn't in any of the big family shots because she is napping?! LOL. So glad she woke up in time for some pics at least! She has grown like the grass in your field! And I must say...Micah's outfit...totally retro cool dude!

  6. I love your family gathering recap. What a fun time by all. Those kids are all growing so fast. It is so fun to see them one Easter after another...and other times too.

  7. Oh what a wonderful time all your grands had! Love Micah's outfit along with that cool hat! Lucy is such a cutie pie. Fun for the littlest to the oldest.

  8. What a lovely time - children playing as children should. Bubble blowing is so much fun!

  9. What a fun day you had! Those bubble sticks were also part of our 6 year old g-daughter's birthday party a few weeks ago. Love the Easter finery!

  10. I like this expanded version very much! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful day!

  11. I like this expanded version very much! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful day!

  12. Ah, to be barefoot in the grass and searching for candy filled eggs sounds like wonderful fun to me, Judy! Blowing giant bubbles would come in a close second ;) It looks like a wonderful holiday at your home.

    It was only my husband and myself together on Easter but we enjoyed church services, brunch out at a restaurant, and then a quiet day at home. We've been working very hard to empty my Mom's house as it is sold and will go to contract soon. No other sibling is around to help...sigh.

    My daughter's wedding is in May, so it will be nice to concentrate on something happy again soon.

  13. Beautiful grandchildren....looks like you had a great time. It is so good to have their cousins close by.

  14. They are all SO adorable! Lucy & Micah have grown so much since I saw them last! I miss all those beautiful funny kids!

  15. Your pictures are delightful! and BTW your new header is breathtaking.
    You sure do have a wonderful view from your front porch with all those enchanting barefooted creatures to adore!

  16. So very sweet....I love going bare foot too!

  17. Thanks for a truly joyful post. Your photos are lovely. The second one with the bubbles floating away is wonderful, reminds me somehow of childrens' dreams.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson