Tuesday, April 17, 2012

springtime in the valley...

The joyful birds prolong the strain,
 their songs with every spring renewed...

the air we breathe,
and falling rain.
each softly whispers...
God is good.
~John Gurney

It's springtime.
It is beautiful...
even in the rain!


  1. Love that pretty bird you captured! Spring is beautiful rain or not!
    Glad you noticed that Squaw Bread :0)

  2. You have so many wonderful spring flowers up and blooming. The bleeding hearts, daffodils, azaleas...all looking lovely . Yes, even in the rain. I'm sure the rain is very good for them. It's as dry as a tinderbox over here so we'll be glad when our rain arrives overnight.

    I like the angel chorus singing, too. Very sweet!

  3. And I think it is also beautiful because of the rain.
    I absolutely LOVE the first photo. I think it would be lovely in a frame. Do you know what kind of bird it is?

  4. Beautiful pictures. And I love that little poem by John Gurney.

  5. Things are looking really pretty at your place!

  6. Beautiful shots of your yard. It looks so pretty this time of year when there is only new and all the old is gone away.

  7. With a house, garden and view as pretty as yours Judy, the rain only makes everything shimmer even more brightly!

    Hopefully we get rain here in New York and Lomg Island very soon, otherwise we may be in trouble soon.

  8. We're needing some rain down here, so feel free to wish some down our way.

    Judy, your home and grounds are always so pretty - just perfect.

    Spring is my very favorite season of the year.

  9. The rain helps to make everything beautiful. And your corner of the globe is certainly that! Love those angels singing in your garden.

  10. I can almost hear that birdie's song - beautiful! Your flowers are gorgeous and so much further ahead than ours.

  11. What a beautiful post Judy! Love the pics!

  12. Beautiful spring pictures! Sounds like God really blessed your trip to Fresno and the sale. God always provides for His work done His way! What a blessing to be a part of that! :-)

  13. Do you really have a Meadowlark visiting your yard? How lovely! Yes, I think Spring is the prettiest season in my yard too.

  14. You can't have all that beauty without the rain, can you? Love the pretty bird shot.

  15. Photography like you have on this blog, adds joy to my every visit. The first picture could win any photography award. Thank you for the smiles you gave me today.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson