Thursday, April 5, 2012

little peeps...

My pre-school grands stopped by in the last few days...

...and had a fun time making 'little peep' nests.
Micah is two...
Maggie is three.
This little Easter project suited them just fine!

I had to think of our other little granddaughter...
who would have been four years old yesterday.
She came to us briefly on April 4th...
and then returned to the arms of her loving heavenly Father. 

We planted a pink magnolia tree in her memory.
It is in full bloom right now.

Hannah Shiloh
April 4th ~ April 4th 2008
Never forgotten!


  1. Four years. Hmm...remember it as if it had been yesterday. What a wonderful way to remember her with a magnolia tree. One thing is certain, she's been safely home with the Lord for all this time. Can you just imagine all that she's been up to?

    Love these happy faces. Yes, you've got another crew learning the trade. Well done, Grandmother!

  2. I remember your first post on that and I have done that over the past years...let's see what activities he chooses day.
    Remember our walk up to the cemetary? You showed me the sight.

  3. Is it four years already? It was so sad. It is beautiful the way you planted the tree in her memory. It blooms every year and her memory with it.
    Those little ones with their peeps are darling!

  4. Even though others forget, the mom and the grandmas never will ... Safe in the arms of Jesus until that day when all tears will be dried.

  5. Love the little Easter nests ! The grands are too cute.

    Imagine your reunion with your little Hannah :-) Hugs to you Gram!

  6. Your grands are cuties! The magnolia tree is a beautiful tribute to the memory of Hannah.

  7. Hannah's memory will always be tied to Easter and fitting for a child whose life was brief and whose eternal life soon found her.
    Hoping to be making those nests too one day...

  8. The blooms on your tree are a loving and beautiful way to remember a sweet grandchild, now with the Lord.

    Your little peeps and grandchildren are so cute.

  9. What a fun project for your little grands. Love the tree memorial you planted for little Hannah. Blessings...

  10. Beautiful!!!
    Beautiful grandchildren
    Beautiful Magnolia Tree
    Beautiful little nests
    Beautiful Memories
    Blessings to you and yours!

  11. Beautiful children and a fun project. I made those with my children when they were young. So sweet to plant a tree in her memory and then get to see it bloom every year.

  12. Your little one in heaven - what a sweet reminder to one and all when the blossoms appear every year.

  13. What a beautiful reminder. Life is fleeting, more so for some than others. For those of us who have been gifted with life, may we honor those who didn't have as much time on earth, by using wisely our precious gift of time and talents.

  14. A beautiful remembrance for Hannah Shiloh. I first came to your blog when Vee told us about your loss on her blog, Judy. I have been your joyful follower since.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Blessed Easter!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson