Thursday, April 12, 2012

ode to orchids...

'Love beauty, it is the shadow of God on the universe' 
~Gabriela Mistral

Grouped together bold and bright,
Exotic orchids - a real delight,
beautiful, elegant, full of charm,
please the eye, troubled spirits calm.
nature generous with bounteous gifts,
constantly my soul uplifts.
~author unknown

Since April is supposedly poetry month...
and since the orchids are in full bloom at our local greenhouse...
I thought an ode to the lovely orchid might be appropriate!

My sister was visiting from Manitoba last week...
so we stopped by to admire the many varieties of orchids.
Though the greenhouses are not really open to the public...
the owner is always most hospitable to 'me and my camera'!
It smells like an exotic tropical jungle.
 I'll be back again...I know!

May your day be happy and uplifting!


  1. Took some time to catch up on all your recent posts! The joy of Easter and its celebration with those we love! You've got great photos! What an interesting wheelbarrow story! That field of orchids is eye candy for sure!

  2. It's getting better! What a great place that is and I loved the poem you selected for the occasion. Sisters can always find great haunts and fun things to do together. You have a great day, too!

  3. Those beautiful pictures really did lift my spirits today! Thanks!
    Love orchids and received my first one ever from my sisters just about a month ago!!!

  4. Oh my...that's a lovely sight to behold!

  5. About once a year TGD brings home one orchid plant, and we enjoy it thoroughly. We never seem to be able to make it bloom again. The sight of all those orchids must have been breathtaking.

  6. Gorgeous orchids. And lovely words to accompany them. I've never seen so many orchids in one place!

  7. If you brought one could bring another right? Sounds like a day trip to me.

  8. Absolutely breathtaking! It's almost overwhelming to see so many orchids in one place.
    We really enjoyed the orchids in Balboa Gardens on our recent trip to San Diego. They come in such a variety of colour and size.
    My son keeps a couple on his desk at work and says they are very easy to care for.

  9. I would ask the owner if he would mind if I moved my desk into his place:) So much beauty in one place. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Stunning must be a little heaven on earth to be in that green house. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden so close by. Just a perfect poem.

  12. Wow -- what a greenhouse! You see them in stores but you don't often see them in greenhouses!

  13. Soooo lovely!! When I was a girl, we had orchids that grew on the wall that surrounded our back garden. (in South America)

  14. Ah! So many orchids! I could almost smell them. Loved the poem, too.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson