Friday, April 20, 2012

grandparents day...

The invitation came.
We accepted.

We were invited to 'grandparents day' at Ranen's school.
They served us lunch...
and put on an excellent 'aloha themed' program.
Our granddaughter gave us a personalized tour of her classroom...
and proudly showed us a scrapbook of her kindergarten masterpieces.
Oh...and then she took us to the book fair...
where she already had a few items picked out.
Grandpa had his wallet.
Books are a good thing!

What an honour to return to school...
as a grandparent.
I had to think back to my school days...
and wondered what it would have been like for my grandparents to visit.
They never did...
that I know.
I'm hoping to go back to school again...
on occasion...
to support my grands!

Once the official 'grandparents day' was over...
 we started the unofficial one 'back at the ranch'.
Heidi brought Maggie and Lucy...

...for a bit of a get-away.
Daddy was out of town...
and Maggie wanted to come for a sleepover.
And so they all came.
Maggie and I cooked red jam (her request)...
and baked buns in all shapes and sizes.

Once Lucy awoke from her nap...
they spent some time frolicking in the tall, wet grass...
and swinging enthusiastically.
And every few minutes Maggie wondered aloud when Grandpa was coming to take her to the barns.
(It's not so much about coming to our it is about visiting the barns.)
After supper...
she finally got to go.

And just before bedtime...
God painted a lovely picture for us all to enjoy!

First thing yesterday morning...
Maggie was ready to return to the barns.
We stalled.
First came the hair-do.

Then some time for riding bike.
Finally Baby Lucy awoke from her nap...
and we all headed to the barns.

Grandpa let Maggie help feed the cows.

He really had more help than he needed.

Grandparents Day.
It's a good thing!


  1. Oh this put a grin on my face. Elmer's expression did it! The girls are so darling and much loved. Glad that Lucy is getting in on the action more and more. Ranen's in kindergarten? Really? So is Sam. And, as far as I know, I have not been invited to Grandparents' Day. Hmmm...

  2. Great post! Love that hairdo!!! Have a nice weekend.

  3. wow we can relate to having more help than needed in the barn.
    I am still one year away from grandparents day but I think I will enjoy it if your post is an indicator of good times to come.

  4. How fun! I can't wait until my kids are in "real" school so I can go to Grandparents Day! Looks like the rest of your day was terrific too.

  5. What a lovely post and lots of fun with the grands! They are only small a very short time! That hairdo probably took some time to do - teaching patience! Looks great! Nice of grandpa to take time out for his extra help!

  6. There is never a better day in life than spending time with the grands and sharing life with them.
    Nothing runs like a JD and nothing runs better when those kids hang out with you. Oh, Yea speaking of grands..I need to pick them up today.

  7. How very sweet is that. What wonderful memories are being built for your grands. So true that our grandparents were never invited to school growing up until graduation from high school. Love all the photos!

  8. I love everything about this post - Grandparent's Day at school, the sweet pose in front of the mirror, God's painting, and the visit to the barn! So much fun!

  9. What special moments captured in the midst of Lucy's naps! Buns and jam is our grandkids favorite. Love the mirror pose of the cute hairdo and the huge imposing tractor with the cows - looks like they are used to it - and the picture of the double rainbow of blessing.

  10. I loved visiting Grandparents' Day! I hope my little guys get back here in time for us to do some of those things too. The photo of the Head Farmer and his Helpers all crammed onto the little tractor is a keeper.

  11. What a wonderful day! Spending time with grandchildren is the best time of all. Your grands are very lucky to have you so close by.

    The rainbow photo was thrilling to see -- I've never seen the end of a rainbow like you captured in the photo!

  12. The rainbow picture...I am guessing several shots were taken. I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow and decided not to take a picture!

    Loved how barn time is such a big hit with your grands.

  13. I love Grandparents day. One of my boys got to serve lunch this year; he was so excited to finally get his turn.

  14. Love the picture of Grandpa with his two grandprincesses.
    And Grandparents' day - we've been at a couple and it's always fun.
    I know my grandma would have come had we had them when we were in school.

  15. Fantastic photo's and I love the idea of Grandparents day!

  16. What a great time! A few weeks ago, when our Little E (6 mos)came to visit, hubby took her outside, put her in a high chair and dug worms for fishing! He said she never took his eyes off him! Her mom and I laughed out loud! One day, she will probably be helping him dig.... her mom did!! :-)

  17. The landscape where we live is as brown as yours is green. I miss green and I miss my granddaughter. So glad you're near yours.

  18. I love this post - what a joy it must be to be a grandparent! Your pictures are so pretty and I could feel the love. No wonder they like going to the barn!

  19. Judy....I have to laugh. I have been wondering about your new 'angle' on photos...and getting a crick in my Love the post...grandparents day....wonderful.

  20. Great seeing your precious little girls. Being a grandma comes with wonderful perks:)

  21. Ohh .. what a very special day !
    Your grandkids are so blessed -- I love that ! They are adorable!
    A farm is the very best place to visit!

  22. What a lovely post and what a fun time you must've had. Can't remember my grandparents ever coming to school for a special day, except for my high school graduation. But then, they lived over a thousand miles away in Northern Alberta, so even if there'd been such a thing as grandparents' day, they probably wouldn't have been able to come.

    But it's so nice that you're close enough to attend things like this with your grandchildren. You are making precious memories they will never forget!

    Have a great week! Hugs!

  23. I grew up with weekly farm visits and hold so many of those special memories tucked in the recesses of my heart. Seeing these pictures reminded me of them all. Memories of making rolls and jam, having your grandparents present for "grandparent day" at school, and time in the barn...oh, how fortunate the little ones are! The pictures are so good!

  24. What an adorable family :) Among the pictures, the rainbow that Maggie is looking at caught my attention most. But grandpa's picture holding Lucy and Maggie is just the sweetest. By the way, I often fix red jam every weekend, it usually comes with either pepper or onions - the kids totally love red jam!


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