Wednesday, April 10, 2013

down the garden path...

 At long last.
Our upstairs bedrooms (guest rooms) both have something on the wall.

It seems I prefer bare walls to making the wrong decision...
and so it has taken this long to hang a few pictures.

I first ordered a canvas of a photo I took at Butchart Gardens...
with intentions of hanging it in the bigger room.
It looked too small for the large wall...

...and so it landed up in the smaller bedroom.

I kept my eye out for artwork that would be suitable for the bigger bedroom...
to no avail.

I finally went back to my Butchart Gardens album...

 ...and ordered prints
...three with the same theme.

Down the Garden Path. long last.

Though our gracious guests have never mentioned the naked walls...
they will now have Butchart Garden art to enjoy when they awake.

Butchart Gardens is one of the world's premier show gardens...
and is situated in Victoria, B.C.
 If you are ever on the Canadian west coast...
be sure to to talk a walk down their garden path!


  1. That is a great idea Judy and these photos are so beautiful. I don't even have a headboard on our spare bed! But I do have pictures on the wall. :) Have a great day! Pamela

  2. Judy, your photos deserve to be framed and hanging on a wall! Both rooms look lovely and inviting.

  3. How wonderful to use your own photography this way. That's what represents home so very use meaningful art. That room looks wonderful and now I know why you have so many guests!

  4. Dreamy guests rooms. I love your photo choices. I used to work at Butchart Gardens during the summers while growing up on the island.

  5. Have stayed in those rooms on many occasions, never noticed the walls. Your warm hospitality, the comfort of the beds, is all that is needed. I do like the choice of the pictures. Your photography is a great I would agree. MW

  6. Beautiful Judy!! Butchart Gardens was the highlight of our visit to the island! It's simply amazing and how very appropriate your photos are for a restful atmosphere in your guest rooms! Nicely done.

  7. Oh you made some beautiful choices Judy! Love both rooms' artwork.

  8. Perfect choice for both rooms. Isn't it nice using your own pictures?

  9. What a great idea to use your own photos for the artwork on the wall. I have some bare walls staring at me, too. Love the Butchart Gardens theme - I plan on going out there again soon.

  10. they are lovely...a wise choice! I know what you mean about hanging things on new is quite a commitment! :-)

  11. It was well worth the wait. Your selections are so pretty. Your guests may never want to leave.

  12. Lovely choices all! Even more personal since they were your OWN camera art!
    I can't seem to do anything but gallery walls. Even on the outside of the house in the back! I am compelled to fill up space! But I LOVE to visit walls with tastefully done pictures displayed. It feels so refreshingly OPEN as opposed to my habit of filling a wall until you can spread your hand open anywhere on it!! It is a sickness.....

  13. Both your rooms are lovely. The photos harmonize so well with the quilt colors. Charming.

  14. Lovely to see Butchart Gardens hanging on your guest bedroom walls. Your guests must love staying in such a calm and pretty rooms and would enjoy the unique photos. Excellent choices Judy!

  15. My goodness Judy your photo's are lovely. I need to make another trip one of these years back to Butchart Gardens. Lol we went there on our honeymoon!

    1. A trip to your area and Butchart Gardens is definitely on my bucket list, Judy! Your framed photos and canvas photo are all lovely! I also love your pretty bedspreads--did you make them?

      I haven't unpacked my framed photos or artwork as yet as we have not bought all the furniture we need for this house. A little at a time ....

  16. It's fun sometimes to take time to find just the right decor for what you've been looking for. I'm sure that all your guest will appreciate the decor and ambiance that you have created, combined with your gift of hospitality.

  17. whoops--I don't know how my comment became a 'reply'... sorry about that!

  18. So along with your warm hospitality, your skillful cooking skills, you provide your guests with garden beauty. Perfect wall art, and so creatively placed.

  19. Those bedrooms were already very pretty, but the addition of prints of your beautiful photos of Butchart Gardens is the crowning touch. I have a season's pass and I'll have to get out there to see the tulips - thanks for the reminder!

  20. OH...those are so pretty Judy! Well done!

  21. Pictures or no pictures, those are very welcoming rooms! But you made a good choice!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson