Wednesday, April 24, 2013

spring colors...

So what are spring colours?
 I usually picture lilacs and pale green...
and soft pastels on the spring palette.

We played tennis at some new community tennis courts the other night...

...and this was the view from the courts as the sun  sank low in the western sky.

but not pink.

From my kitchen window...
I'm seeing a lot of yellow these days.
Frieda's tulips are almost bloomed-out...
but the dandelions are in their prime.

The rosy red rhubarb is ready for the pickin' in the local gardens...
and we are enjoying rustic rhubarb tarts this week.

 Who knew...
red and yellow are spring colours too?


  1. So very beautiful. What a gorgeous view from the tennis courts! It's starting to green up here a bit each day and the trees are starting to bud. Yay!! :) Enjoy spring's beauty. Pam

  2. Beautiful pictures of your Sprung Spring! I am so jealous of your rhubarb! Mine is barely peeking as yet. Am celebrating that my daffodils have finally opened!!

  3. The first is like a little echo of autumn except for the vivid green grass. Outstanding picture and you know that it makes me think: Note Card!

  4. Looks like a pot pourri of seasons. A quiet prayer is being said for Frieda as I see those tulips. BTW...I love dandelion fields.

  5. That yellow green of spring is so vivid and bright. What a beautiful sight against the mountains.

  6. Such beautiful colors. Spring is always amazing. You live in such a beautiful place.

    Gracious Hospitality

  7. No matter the season, the views are always breathtaking in your area.
    The view from the tennis courts had an autumn feel to it or is it a winter feel with the snow capped mountains?

  8. Ha! My dandelions are in their prime, too!

  9. strawberries and daffodils!!

  10. It's lovely to see your gorgeous spring colours! Glad to know that you are out playing tennis again. I am hoping the snow will melt soon. it looks like next week will be a wonderfully warm week and perhaps all the snow will melt. fingers crossed!

  11. The colours of spring are so welcome - pink and white and red and yellow - bring them all on!
    I've been away for the past week and am enjoying catching up!

  12. The trees almost look like autumn colors! If the snow stays away here for a weeek we may actually see some flowers bloom --I'll take any color! :)


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