Monday, April 1, 2013

out and about on easter sunday...

We awoke to sunshine and warm temperatures...
and all went to the early service on Easter Sunday morning.
And a wonderful service it was!

They came for lunch...
the whole gang.

But lunch wasn't ready...
so they went dandelion picking.


Dandelions and white dresses are not a good combination...


...and after showing our appreciation for the lovely bouquets
...we persuaded them to find a new activity.

We had our Easter picnic out on the patio this year.
I'm sure that will not be happening again anytime soon!

Some actually thought it was a little too bright out there...
and went in search of eye protection.
Cute, Emme!

The grands had fun searching for eggs!

It may have been Lucy's first 'egg hunt' but she seemed to know the drill.
Oh what fun!

The Easter bunny makes the hunt a little more difficult for some than for others!
 It seems he delivered Spencer's basket via the rural route mailman.

And when the eggs were all found...
and a good number of chocolates were down the hatch...
they blew bubbles.

And had an underduck or two.
And soon it was over...
our family Easter get-together of 2013.
Though the fun, games and food are over...
my prayer is that they never forget the message of Easter.
He is risen!


  1. What a gorgeous Easter day you had there! The photos are beautiful and show the beauty of the day and your sweet grandchildren enjoying themselves so much. Such fun and delight. Have a blessed week Judy!

  2. Lovely photo's of your beautiful grandchildren. I am glad you had a wonderful Easter Sunday. He is risen indeed!

  3. So, so delightful! I can't believe you had your lunch outside - it looks amazing!! Your gardens in full bloom and children in bare feet - what a beautiful sight! Our starting to get green grass is covered with a skiff of snow today - ah, but Spring will eventually come. Easter gives us much hope in all things!

  4. So sweet to see all the fun and the table set up outdoors. Yes, a very special shared by the pastor from something seen on Facebook...Christmas was the Promise and Easter is the Proof. Hope those white dresses come clean in the wash!

  5. I love that Easter picnic was eaten outside. I think all our grands could get along just fine. I saw the piggback race in the background too...what fun. Thanks for sharing your family Easter.

  6. Dandelion bouquets, pretty dresses, good food, swings, easter egg hunting, family love spent on such a lovely day. Precious!

  7. I just love visiting you and your family! This post was so good it reminded me of a feature in an Ideals magazine!!
    We have dandelions - a LOT of dandelions! I must tend to that yard this week!

  8. What a lovely day it must have been. The little ones are like flowers in their pastel outfits. The sun shone here too, on a perfect Easter Day!

  9. Such a fabulous day to celebrate it all! We'll remember this one for a while I think...

  10. I count it a privilege to share for a few minutes, in such a lovely family celebration. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures and smiled as I remembered receiving my own dandelion bouquets, and having some of my own little sunglassed beauties. I am so happy that you could be outside and have warmth and sun to do so. Judy, you are creating so many treasured memories for your family.

  11. What a lovely day you had. Wasn't the weather so glorious? How fun to see your grands flitting about the yard like pretty birds. Such a great celebration! He is risen!

  12. I'm happy to see that yo had such lovely weather and that the flowers including the dandelions were blooming. Your grandchildren all look like they were enjoying the lovely weather. Great collages Judy!

  13. I see you had a beautiful day with blossoms eveywhere and beautful grandchildren enjoying Easter at your house.

    Christ is Risen -- He is truly Risen!

  14. What a perfect day to celebrate an outside Easter event. Looks like young and old had such a good time.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson