Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's mystery..

Don't you just love to solve a mystery?
I have one that needs solving...
though I'm not sure you can help me out with it.

Last week one afternoon...

...I opened the front door to find a bag tied to the door handle.
I had been home all afternoon...
and had not heard the doorbell.
I checked the doorbell...
and heard only silence.
So it seems our nine year-old doorbell has packed it in.
Well, I also never heard a knock.
I untied the bag and took it in to see what it might be.

In the bag was someone's collection of 8-track tapes.
Since I had just posted a story about my granddaughters' secret fort...
and the old 8-track player they have there...
I wondered if someone was donating 8-tracks for the girl's fort.
How fun is that?
Front and center is my favorite Simon and Garfunkel recording of old!
We had that very same 8-track...

...only ours showed much more wear and tear than this one!

And we never knew that one could purchase protectors to cover the tape.
Our benefactor covered the cartridges with Walco protectors.
Everything in the bag looked like it was purchased yesterday.
Where is Walco?

I have kept three of our 8-track cartridges from the 'good old days'.
This is what they look like.

The theme song on this particular one was 'Hey Jude.
It looks like it got a lot of playing time.  

One of these days...
I'll be making a trek out to the secret fort....
and we'll see if we can make music with great-grandma's 8-track player.

Maybe one day I'll know who gifted us with their pristine collection of  8-tracks from the 60's.
Maybe someone will give me some clues!

And just in case you stop by to deliver anything in the next few days.. might want to ring the Swiss cowbell that is sitting there.
I know the doorbell won't be chiming before the electrician comes calling!



  1. Oh what a fun mystery you have and I love the addition of that Swiss cowbell!! When I come to claim my room I'll make sure to ring it or pound on the door if the doorbell isn't fixed by then!

  2. LOL !! Oh Judy ! I am that "mystery" delivery person, a friend of my father's passed away awhile ago & he was into DJ'ing music at events. Thoses 8 tracks were in his stash. I had just read about your grad-gals "secret fort" & thought oh, that would be so cute if they could have a little more choice for listening pleasure. I did ring the bell, but didn't relize nothing happened. Sorry, should have knocked ! Hope they ring a few more memories when you get to play them !
    ~Suzann H

    1. Mystery solved. LOL:) Well thank-you, Suzann! Now we'll have to go see if we can make music in the fort with those. Fun. BTW...I'm going doorbell shopping today!

    2. You are very welcome ! Hope the grand kids enjoy :)

  3. Oh thank goodness the mystery is solved! Otherwise, it's a bit scary. Ha!

  4. What fun! The mystery, and now the solution. Ah, the music - takes me back.

  5. This is the best! I love it. It wasn't me. I took all ours to MCC years ago.

  6. Such fun to get donations for the tree house now! Oh, Simon and Garfunkel... bring back sweet memories! Our dating years were spent listiening to 8-tracks driving in the Firebird. I'm glad the mystery is solved too!

  7. How fun! Such special treats! And so fun to realize that I "know" most of those artists. Memories.

  8. Oh that music takes me back too - Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence was our dating years album (we never had an 8 track player). Love this story!!! Hope you find a great doorbell!

  9. How fun is that? I'm glad the mystery was solved. What a good friend to deliver these golden oldies to your front door! Enjoy. Pamela

  10. Well you know it's not me I just walk right in....But it's cute!

  11. What a great donation to the girls' fort! And what a great selection of music - brings back my youth! haha

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  13. I love a good mystery! I'll bet you'd be welcomed into the fort with a tray of cupcakes! :)

    Cute cowbell too!

  14. Surprise, mystery gifts are so much fun. They are definitely from an organized, neat type personality. Our old 8 track tapes do not look that good. It was fun to look through the titles of your gift.

    Seeing your cowbell, made me wish I could pay you a visit, just to ring the bell.

  15. We have a box full of old 8 tracks....but none are missing as far as I know. A mystery can be fun. Let us know if you get any clues.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson