Monday, April 22, 2013

of herbs and herb scissors heading south...

Last week I did a Saturday post on the MGCC blog...all about herbs.
I sang the praises of my herb scissors...

...and offered to send a pair to a lucky commenter.

Of the seventy-plus that threw their name in the hat...
the winner was Dora from New Mexico.

Since I was off to the USA to pick up a parcel over the weekend...
 I thought I might as well send Dora's package off from there as well.

For some reason...
it makes good financial sense to mail packages in the USA.

The border official checked my passport...
and asked where I was off to.
I told him I was picking up a parcel.

'Was I doing anything else?'

Yes, I was mailing a package to someone in New Mexico.
And then the questioning began.
Though I volunteered up front to show him the herb scissors...
he declined and continued to ask questions.

'What are herb scissors?'
'Why are you sending them?'
'Do you sell them?'
'What is the name of your blog?'
'Why do you have a blog?'
(Do I even know the answer to that?)
'What kind of herbs do you grow?'
'What do you use them for?'

Eventually I had him persuaded that I just grew a few pots of herbs for our own enjoyment...
and that the scissors were just to make the snipping of herbs a snap.

He returned my passport to me...
and allowed me to enter the United States of America.
The herb scissors are now on their way to New Mexico...
and should be on Dora's front porch in no time.

It can be a little intimidating crossing that border...
but I know they are just trying to do their job.

Back at home...
the herbs are flourishing.

 On my counter is a basil plant in a pot that was given to me by someone near and dear in 1998.
She moved away long ago...
but I still treasure the hand-made pot...
and its message:
I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.
John 15:1
Growth does not happen all on its own.

The sun is shining.
Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I heard this morning that the border is considering charging us for each entry. will just make sense to do our business at home. Quite sad really.
    You get extra points for remaining cheerful.

  2. Love the interrogation at the border. Glad you don't grow other kinds of things in those "pots" ! Oh dear, I just read Lovella's comment. I hope that doesn't come true...

  3. Growing herbs in BC can mean so many things. I have to laugh and admire your equanimity - there's no sense in getting frustrated.

  4. Oh dear - that would have been intimidating for sure! I somehow missed that post but those scissors look very handy (also saves the cutting board from getting so stained when chopping). Your herbs look wonderful - so glad the sun is shining for you today - it is here too.

  5. Wow, they sure grilled you at the border! We went over on Friday and waited 30 minutes in line to get in the US. Of course there was good reason this past weekend for the extra time and security. We didn't mind . Those scissors look great and I hope the recipient enjoys them. Your herbs look so healthy. Enjoy the day! Pam

  6. Very frightening. I suppose to them 'herbs' meant other plants!

  7. We were also questined at the border when he saw my parcel - a cookbook - to be mailed in the US. I'm sure it won't be long and they will all know about the blog and the books with all of the questions. I guess they are doing their job and we need to remember that if we are not doing anything illegal, we have nothing to worry about... but the questions can make you feel like they will find something wrong with what you are sending. =)

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  9. Your herbs are beautiful and your scissors look interesting, Judy.

    I think the keyword is "herb" -- it makes border officials nervous to hear that!

    When my husband and I took a trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, years ago, the Canadian Border Patrol official looked in our car and asked our children if we were their parents! They were 8 and 6 years old at the time. I always wondered what would have happened if they thought it would be funny to say "No!"? LOL!

    PS: sorry for the deletion--the first comment did not come out right

  10. What a great border story...Last time we went through..he asked me how I knew all the girls in my car and why we were going to Vegas...I responded.."From Church" and he smiled and said..."Have a good time"
    You must of looked like one suspicious lady...

  11. Glad he let you cross over!! ha! ha! Sweet about the 8 tracks...a very thoughtful gift! Hope they and the player work!!

  12. "Whew" is right...not a big fan of crossing over the border, even when we lived in Cali. Glad your home and growing your amazing herbs, they look GREAT!

    Happy Tuesday!

  13. That's a handmade pot? From 1998? I'm sending you a picture of mine. It's a dead ringer. Hmmm...

    Oh those U.S. guards can be sooo...sooo...thorough. Right. That's what I wanted to say. Glad that the scissors are heading to Dora's.

  14. Wow, it's been awhile.... I love the photo on your blog cover!!!!
    Looking forward to catching up.


  15. Who would have thought? The process of mailing something as simple as a herb scissors. Today my daughter bought a basket of herbs to give to a friend for her birthday. What a great gift that keeps on giving. Neither of us heard of a herb scissors and now she would like one. Nice gift.


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