Wednesday, April 17, 2013

some tiptoed through the tulips...

Some tiptoed through the mud! 
We kept our shoes clean...
and viewed the blooms from grassy fields nearby.

Our Sunday afternoon drive took us to the tulip fields of Skagit Valley, Washington...
about two hours south of here.
Acres and acres are awash in colour!

We passed by a sea of golden daffodils...

...and on to the fields of tulips.
And mud!
Though the sun was shining...
the rainfall of the recent past was still quite evident.

We never deliberated long before deciding that we would stay outside of the fence...
where there was green grass.
The tulips were lovely...
and we could see them quite nicely without getting dirty.
And we had the best spot for people watching... they slogged through the mud.
A few came with boots.
Most came with nice clean shoes that were soon caked in mud.
Oh dear!

'it's spring when the world is puddle-wonderful' ~E.E. Cummings

All came with cameras.

"The earth laughs in flowers." ~E.E. Cummings

And we tiptoe through them.
And every spring we are amazed anew!


  1. I would feel as though I had died and gone to heaven..lucky girl you

  2. I love the thought of the earth laughing in flowers! Thank you for that wonderful image to take through the day.

  3. Isn't this a metaphor for life? Sometimes to get to the really good stuff, one has to slog through a lot of mud! Love the sweet expression on that little girl's face as she enjoys being in the middle of the tulips.

    It's always a good sign when I see that you've visited the tulip fields once again.

  4. Oh how I love when you take us along to the tulip fields. It would be a dream of mine to see them in person one day, but in the meantime I will enjoy your lovely account.

  5. "Puddle-Wonderful" indeed! Thanks for sharing these uplifting pictures Judy!

  6. I'm always amazed at how many people ignore the "Stay on main road" signs and trek right between the rows. I was right where you were yesterday morning but I happened to put my garden boots in the car and was able to trek through the mud. It would have been most unpleasant without those mud boots!!
    Love your quotes with your photos!

  7. Beautiful tulips. I love the little girl sloshing through the puddle - what fun that is if one is prepared with boots!

  8. Just beautiful! I love the tulips!!!

    I can just about see my dad's house from there!

  9. Your photo's of the tulips are wonderful. I think you made the right decision to stay the mud free side of the fence!

  10. So beautiful! The best pictures are of those enjoying the tulips! I smile knowing my B would take her kidlets into the mud just for the pure joy of watching them.

  11. Wow! that would be so beautiful to see. I'd be staying out of the mud too. You got some beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. Pam

  12. Sooooooooo lovely.
    Could you explain to me about these tulip/daffodil fields. Why are they grown like this? Certainly not for the cut flower market?... and surely not for the tourist appeal???
    It has always made me wonder when I see them in Canada and in the Netherlands. Whatever the reason they are very beautiful.

    1. They are grown for the bulbs, Helsie. The flowers are a beautiful bi-product! They have become quite a tourist attraction for the area.

  13. Judy, I looked over these gorgeous pictures many times this morning. I could not get enough of the colorful beauty. I think I would just put down a tent near them and stare at them everyday:) The photo of you and your husband is so good, as are the ones of your little grands. How important for them to visit gardens like these, and learn to appreciate their uniqueness.

  14. And every spring we are amazed anew! Isn't that so!

  15. This post reminds me of the Friendship Calendar you gave me back a few years.
    Looks like a day to slush through, but there's always something to enjoy about each day, rain or shine.

  16. I always look forward to your visit to the tulip fields, Judy! Your photos are as beautiful as always, even if your kept your shoes nice and clean ;)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson