Monday, April 8, 2013

of tire chairs and secret forts...

Who knew that old tires could have a purpose besides covering the plastic on the bunker silos?
 When I saw tire chairs on pinterest...
I knew they would be just the right thing for seating in a new fort over at the farm.
The fort is a work in progress...
and coming along quite nicely.

We retrieved a few tires from the stock pile. 
Hubby closed the bottom opening with a piece of plywood. 
I stuffed the inside with old pillows and covered the top opening with a piece of bear fur (not to worry...
it was faux fur). 

Then we called up the girls...
and said we were delivering chairs for their fort.

They declared the seating to be most suitable...
and immediately discarded the broken chairs they had dragged in.

I was not allowed to take any photos of the 'path leading to the fort'...
since it is all very secret.
Grandpa has been helping them build it.
He even wired it...
so they now have lights...
and music.
Don't you love their radio...
complete with 8-track player?
It belonged to their great-grandmother many decades ago.

I laughed when I saw the 'fort rules' posted at the entrance.
They salvaged a sign that a building contractor had once left at the farm.

And that is your sneak-peek into the secret fort at the farm...
and the two girls who are sitting pretty inside!
I won't likely be taking you back there anytime soon.
I think what happens there...
stays there. 


  1. Gotta love Pinterest! You can find a re-purposed use for almost anything there. Great idea for the chairs. What a fun fort!

  2. Ha Ha! I know where that is!!

  3. How absolutely fortunate for you to have such a privilege to see the location of this secret fort. It looks like so much fun and I can so understand how much fun it would be to have a secret place to make their own.
    Those are such great chairs! Just perfect.

  4. Now that is adorable!!! Love the chairs and the fact that it's such a secret place AND that Grandpa and Grandma are helping build it. Delightful!

  5. Judy, your header photo is amazing!
    I remember the days of secret camps and tree houses. Secret they must stay!

  6. A secret fort is a wonderful place - I remember mine, in the woods at my grandparents summer bungalow. The 8-track is a hoot!

  7. Oh what fun! Such great memories will be made there, I'm sure.

  8. What an honor they trust you and grandpa with the secret location; I like their strict rules and their new tire chairs.

  9. You and your precious family! Every post is such a delightful treat!

  10. Oh, such fun! And especially that Grammy can contribute such perfect seating!

  11. That's a great way to reuse old tires. I'm sure the girls have a lot of fun in their secret fort. Boys aren't the only ones that like forts after all. :)

  12. Oh those girls are getting good practice in making a great escape! So much fun. I don't know about the "absolutely no horseplay," but probably that is good advice. Great new chairs! You just know how to speak to their decorating needs in a big way.

  13. This looks like a child's dream come true, complete with lights, music and comfy chairs!

  14. What a great place to play and what a sweet grandpa to help out! Great idea for the chairs!

  15. Great idea for the seats and what fun for them to have their own secret fort...especially one that Grandpa has made :)

  16. You are one fun grandma! And I'm loving those blossoming trees!

  17. Oh I miss these two girls so much.... I think I will be making a phone call tomorrow!!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson