Friday, April 12, 2013

tulips...and tea...a time to celebrate

It's tulip time again...
with local tulip fields awash with colour.
We might just check some out this weekend. 

In late fall...
She had just planted her tulip bulbs...
when she received the diagnosis that she had stomach cancer. 
Her prayer was that she would live long enough to see those tulips bloom once more.
Many of us went out and planted 'tulips for Frieda'...
and assured her that we would join her in prayer.
Her favorite tulips are red and white...
so that's what I planted in my backyard.
They are blooming now...
and I see them from my kitchen window.
Frieda is still doing well.
An answer to prayer...for sure!

So we arranged to have a 'tulip tea party' with her while 'her' tulips were blooming. 

What a fine time we had.
As usual...
she was an encouragement to us!
She shared with us those things that matter most in life...
things like faith, family and friends.
She feels that every day is a gift from God...
and a reason to celebrate.
And so it is!
On Wednesday...
we celebrated Frieda.
How fitting that our luncheon menu came from the new Celebrations cookbook...
for the most part.
The cookbook which we have not yet seen...
but hope to have in our hands very soon.
Maybe today.
And that would call for a celebration as well!
Life is meant to be celebrated.
Frieda is doing that...
one day at a time.
Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. How wonderful for her to see the tulips and still be able to come to a party.

  2. How beautiful the fields of tulips are! And how wonderful that Frieda was able to enjoy her spring tulips and that you had a party to honour her. What a blessing! I'm looking forward to purchasing my copy of Celebrations cookbook. I hope your weekend is enjoyable. Hugs, Pamela

  3. Good for Frieda! I'm so happy she could celebrate this season's Tulips. Tulips are my favorite flower. One of my earliest childhood memories is of the Tulips planted between our yard and the neighbors when I was a very little girl. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I do remember that post - and Alleluia that Frieda has seen and celebrated the tulips, and continues to be a friend who lives life fully and inspires others.

  5. Oh how wonderful - answered prayer and a most worthy celebration for sure! "Tulips and Tea" has a nice ring..... Enjoy our book when it arrives (hopefully today)!.

  6. Beautiful tribute to Frieda and life! Wish I could be with all of you this afternoon. Enjoy! I'll be there in spirit...

  7. Blessings to Frieda a wonderful friend and a great encourager to many. A great post with yummy food and great looking décor. We wish Frieda many good month or even years. Martha Willms

  8. Thank You Judy for posting these photos!I so miss Frieda's hugs and smiles. Please send my love and prayers her way! You both have blessed my life in so many ways. Love to both of you.
    Elaine Cooper (Teichrob)

  9. I remember the post about Frieda. I'm so glad she is doing well and can see her beautiful tulips. What a lovely way to honour your friend. She sounds like a simply wonderful person who loves her Lord and her neighbours.

  10. What a special way to honor a women who has had so much influence in your life. May she continue to be blessed with health and inspiration as she continues to share her inspiration for life.

  11. Frieda looks so pretty! How wonderful for everyone to gather and celebrate. I always look forward to tulip time there. You folks know how to do it right.

  12. Wonderful news about your friend and what a sweet thing to do...having the tea party!

  13. We need to celebrate life's treasured gifts and somehow you always manage to do it in such beautiful fashion. Tulips and friendship must be a real blessing to dear Frieda. I know I was blessed, just be my visit here. I will celebrate with you when your new book hits the shelves. Can't wait!

  14. We have a little 5 year old friend--the granddaughter of good friends--who was just diagnosed with an aggressive and advanced leukemia last Sunday. We are still in shock at how quickly life can turn upside down and we are praying for little Charlotte's recovery. I am happy for Frieda!

  15. Sending prayers to Frieda, and many more Springs to see the tulips!

  16. I do remember Frieda, and I'm so happy to hear she is doing well and saw the tulips blooming again this spring! It was so nice to treat her to a beautiful tea. Faith, family and friends says it all!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson