Wednesday, September 4, 2013

up cheam peak and down again...

Monday September 2, 2013. 
Labour Day. 

This was the view from 'my front porch' as the sun set that evening.
Mt. Cheam from the valley floor.

Just hours earlier we stood on the peak...
2112 meters (6929 feet) up there.

On Sunday night we suddenly got inspired...
why not climb Mt. Cheam on Monday?

And why not call up our friends to join us...
the ones we hiked to the peak with fifteen years ago?
Why not?

We did.
They came. 
It was a great day.

In September of 1998 we climbed the same mountain with Vic and Elsie.
It was a test that time.
Elsie had just come through a battle with cancer...
an exhausting round of treatments...
and was game to challenge the peak.

Elmer was still recovering from serious spinal injuries...
but thought he was up to the hike.

We all made it to the top that day.

Fast forward to September 2013.
Here we were again...
setting out for the peak.
Elsie wasn't sure she could do it.
Once again she has come through a battle for her life...
a fight against cancer.
She was willing to give it a try.

Since the views are fantastic along the entire trail...
she thought the hike would be worth it...
even if she never made it to the top.

We took our sweet time...
and eventually the summit was in sight.
It seemed there was a wee crowd gathered up there!

For the record...
Elsie made it.
For the record...
the rest of us did too!
She is amazing...
since that hike is not exactly easy!
but it was a lot easier fifteen years ago.
Just saying. 

There was a song that came to mind...
as we stood there on the pinnacle.

When through the woods, and forest glades I wander,
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.

When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur
And see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

How can one help be be in awe of God's amazing creation?

I don't think we'll be hiking Cheam peak in fifteen years time.

But I'm so glad we went on Labour Day...
and made it a most memorable one.


  1. What a great view you had - worth waiting 15 years to see, I'm sure, and worth the hike! You and Elmer look as though you could have hiked even higher!

  2. What beautiful photos, I just can't get over what is in your very front yard! I couldn't help think of the Sound of Music when I saw you climbing that mountain.

    How Great Thou Art, indeed..


  3. Simply amazing beauty! I cheered for you all from right here in my recliner. Who knows where another 15 years will take you, but I'd not be surprised to see you atop Mt. Cheam again. Thank you for reminding me of How Great Thou Art, I was already singing The Sound of Music.

  4. So glad the photos came through and you could share them and this milestone adventure! Amazing views and accomplishments!

  5. Good morning! How amazingly beautiful...Soo happy you all made it to the top! I thought I was the only one singing The Sound of Music, but I guess not, haha. But How Great Thou Art is MUCH more appropriate!! Enjoy your day!

  6. Good for you! That is a feat to be proud of. It certainly is beautiful up there and you had a great day for it. So glad to hear Elsie is well and able to do this.

  7. Stunning photos, certainly worth the hike to see. Glad you were able to experience this

  8. Beautiful in so many ways . . .the victory in Elsie's life, the fact that you could repeat this hike and the meadows and mountain top views! That photo of you and Elmer at the peak is great!

  9. What a brave friend you have, and what an achievement.

  10. Yes, it was a great day for hiking! We took the trail up above the Coquihalla.
    So wonderful you made it to the top.

  11. What a wonderful post. So happy that you could help Elsie reach another milestone in her life. It was fun to connect with you via IPhone to the peak. I felt like I could almost see your happy smiles.

  12. Impressive! Glad you had such a wonderful day. Hooray for Elsie!!

  13. What a beautiful post. The views are breathtaking! :)

  14. What a great hike with great friends. "How Great Thou Art" comes to my mind when out in God's creation, too. Beautiful post!

  15. Thanks for sharing those beautiful views and the exhilarating experience with friends. Yes, how great is our God!

  16. This was a fantastic read and view I stumbled upon. I'm super glad you shared.

  17. Oh Judy - this is so beautiful and what a victory for your friend Elsie! What a brilliant idea to do this climb once again - so meaningful. How Great Thou Art Indeed!!!

  18. So happy you made it !!! What a great victory for your friend !
    Your photos are beautiful and bring back such great memories of doing the hike several times myself.
    Perhaps one day I can do it again!

  19. Ohh sorry ... but I was going to comment on the photo of Cheam with the marshmallows on the field ! Perfect !!

  20. What wonderful beautiful landscape! You truly live in a beautiful area of God's earth.

  21. Aww...I hope you can still hike it in15 years if you want to!

    What a view! What memories! What fun! (What panting and gasping for air at the top??)

  22. I'm crying...How Great Thou Art indeed

  23. How Great Thou Art......such a perfect song to sing in celebration as you reached the summit! You made some very special memories to join the earlier be cherished forever!

  24. The words to the song were the perfect ones to share with the grandeur you saw, and the perfect ones for me to read as I start out my day. Congratulations to the four of you! What an amazing adventure! The pictures are so beautiful! Not many of us in the blogging world can claim such a huge accomplishment on Labor Day 2013.

  25. I missed this post and am glad I found it tonight, Judy. What a great triumph to climb Cheam again. It looks like a tough climb for me and I'd probably be having a panic attack. Thank you for doing it and taking photos so I can see what it's like from the top. It's incredibly beautiful! Thank You!

  26. How Great Thou Art is the perfect hymn for such a vista!

    What an amazing feat to accomplish, and certainly for your friend who has been through so much. I'm sure the altitude made it more difficult, but you all had determination to do it and I'm sure you encouraged each other on.

    I live at 6,100 feet, but it is my "flat ground" -- where we hike is higher, and I find it difficult, to say the least. I felt so good to have been able to do a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park that also took me to a mountain top, although it also made me realize how out of shape I!


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