Friday, November 30, 2007

christmas angels...

This is it...the last day of November. How time flies! One of my 'Christmas projects' was to make three angels for the garden. They need a few finishing touches, but they have found a place out in the yard. My sister made some for her garden a few years ago; so, using the picture of Kathy's angels (and with a little help from my dear hubby...well, a lot of help actually) here's what I came up with.

We picked up the birch logs beside the road near Clearwater on Thanksgiving weekend. We cut three two-inch pieces to use as the heads, and then cut three different lengths for the bodies. The arms are birch branches and the wings are birch twiggies...with a few leaves and pods still attached. Add a barbed wire halo...and that's all there's to it. Now they need a little decor...that's where I'm stumped. Kathy said they should be holding a bird house or wreathe...I haven't found anything suitable as yet. Elmer figured they should be holding songbooks. Those wouldn't last too many hours in our B.C. rain. Do they make songbooks out of plastic? I'm open to suggestions.

Angels are messengers of good news. As we enter the advent season, let's also be 'Christmas angels'...let's glorify God and be a blessing to those around us this Christmas season.


  1. Judy, thanks so much for the idea! I had deer like that for years, but the woodpecker found them...time for angels!

  2. The angels look great...songbooks made of wood or tin??

  3. How tall are your angels? Maybe plastic pocket folders (8.5 x 11)? or children's books with plasticized pages?

  4. Those are so marvelous! What a great idea! I just love them...wondering how I can talk the carpenter into whipping some up for me. LOL!

    Betty's idea about the tin sounds good...old license plates?

  5. What a fabulous idea! I love those angels! I wonder what I can find around here to make them? Hmmmm...I'm going to have to think about this! Thanks for posting the pictures!!


  6. That's amazing. They look awesome on your yard. Sometimes I dream about things, but I'm so happy we got our lights on our trampoline today.

    Can't wait to see your place. I've been crazy busy. You'll hear more later. Hoping to get some time on Sunday to blog again.

  7. Oh Judy, these are great! I just love them. You know I think my mother in law will love them more (if that's possible)....

    {Andrea} - off to forward link to MIL =)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson