Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby A and Baby B!

How well I remember November 10, 2001...the day the long awaited Baby A and Baby B finally arrived! They waited almost until their due date...and then took a very long time on the home stretch. Baby A pushed her way into the world...Baby B couldn't quite make it and needed a little help. We knew almost 'for sure' that one of the babies would be a boy...with all those ultrasounds, you get a pretty good picture. So what a surprise when Jeremy called to tell us they had two beautiful little girls...very tiny but healthy. And I'll never forget my first glimpse of my precious little grand daughters in MSA Hospital. They couldn't have been more perfect!

The years have just flown by! What a joy these two have been in my life and what a privilege to have them right next door in these early years.

I'm so sorry I'm not there to help you celebrate your sixth birthday, Emerson and Spencer, but I know you will have a fun birthday party...and we'll celebrate with you when we get home next week.

Just keep on working your magic!

P.S. We are enjoying the sights of Tucson, together with Jim and Kathy (sister) who flew out from Manitoba to join us. The locals are apologizing for the unseasonably warm temperatures (in the nineties)...apologies accepted!! The other night we watched the sun set over the dessert, as we rode on horseback through the trails of Catalina State Park...that is an experience I won't forget any time soon! Today we plan to immerse ourselves in all things local...take in the Tuscon flea market and try some authentic southwest fare. Tomorrow it is off to Tombstone...the old-west town made famous by Wyatt Earp. From there, who knows where the road will lead...I'll keep you posted.


  1. It's been so much fun to read about your adventures. When you arrive in Tombstone, you'll be very close to our old stomping grounds.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughters! I can just imagine what treasures they are and how much you miss them. Double birthdays and double celebrations are quadruple the fun!

  2. What precious little girls. Happy Birthday to them. What unimaginable joy they must bring you.

    I do love to hear you are having a grand time.

  3. I can't believe you are missing their birthdays!!
    Anyways, it won't take long and we'll be marching down our streets again and enjoying some Christmas baking and all the stuff that goes with it.
    I have not posted as you can see, but the blanket is finally getting to the end results...
    Talk to you soon.

  4. What beautiful little girls..happy bithday to them!! I hope you continue to have nice weather and wonderful times on your trip.



'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson