Friday, November 23, 2007

Revisiting Red Rock Country...

I'm taking you back on the road again. I just have to share a few pic's of 'red rock country'.

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we had a leisurely drive to Sedona. It's not that great a distance, but we took the scenic route from Flagstaff so it took us more than a few minutes! It's a wonderful, curvy road through mountains and valleys, and passes through Oak Canyon. We spent a few days exploring the Sedona area. What a fabulous place!

We camped among the Arziona sycamores which grow along Oak Creek...

explored Sedona...

had a wee salad at a great place with a view...

and hiked along the river in Red Rock State Park.
If only I were an artist, I would have set up my easel right at this spot. My camera tells a better story than my paint brush would, I'm afraid!

We took a hummer tour up the mountain tracks (where no sane person would drive!), and learned all about the 'flora & fauna'.
The sun was setting as we descended from the hills & it was a breathtakingly beautiful sight! If you're ever in Arizona, be sure to take in Red Rock Country.


  1. I love the picture of the red rock mountains and the barn in front.

    Oh don't you wish you could paint? I sure do, I suppose we'll have to settle for snapping up the pictures with our cameras.

    That salad does look quite yummy.

  2. How beautiful! I have never been there, but it looks like quite a feast for the eyes!

    Happy Weekend,

  3. Thank you so much for posting these photos. I never get to see "my" state through the eyes of someone else and seeing this has been such a treat. It gives me such an appreciation for this state I call home!


  4. My husband used to set up his easel whenever we were visiting those beautiful locations. I wish that I had a photo of his doing that. My parents have a painting that he did at the Grand Canyon.

    No, my sister lives with me for a few more weeks. She's getting married in January to a man whose family lives in Iowa. He moved here from Colorado. Anyway, she's off to be properly introduced to his extended family.

    Does your brother like Iowa?

  5. Oh Judy, your pictures are AMAZING!!! I have taken so many of those same pics but never tire of seeing more and more.
    Wasn't Sedona/ Oak Creek just the most beautiful?!
    Sooo unusual and beathtaking!
    SO thrilled for you!


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