Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh...So Grand!

Indescribable...incomparable...and oh, so grand! I felt so small as I stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon...and so in awe of my God who created all this.

We spent three wonderful days at the Grand Canyon. The weather was perfect--nights were cool, but it was 72 degrees ( 16 degrees C. for us Canadians!) during the day. We hiked into the canyon to the first rest stop (one and a half miles down), and it was the best experience! We saw mountain sheep, California condors, deer and passed lots of mule teams on the trail. We also hiked along the rim trail for miles and watched the sunset from Hopi lookout. I took tons of pictures, but won't be able to upload those till we're home.

We are now spending a few days in Sedona...a neat touristy place between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix. Tomorrow we plan to do some hiking at Red Rock Canyon.

We're still taking a lot of the 'roads less travelled' and enjoying the journey!


  1. Obviously the experience is as many others have told. We haven't been there but it is on our to do list. So, glad you and Elmer having such a great time.

    Remember, travel safely . .watch the speed limit. smile.

  2. Wow! I just got one of those "awe" shivers by your description alone. LOL!

    Enjoy Sedona and keep on having fun. Will you get down Tucson way to see the Saguaros?

  3. The grand canyon is one of those places that I always think "how can someone see this and deny the existance of God?" It's amazing, I know your feeling exactly. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us all.

  4. Thought I would begin with one of your trips and gradually work through them. What a clever idea to put them on your side bar like this.
    Both my children have been to the Grand Canyon, my daughter by helicopter. An amazing place.


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