Tuesday, November 20, 2007

time to switch gears...

Due to technical difficulty (our internet connection is very poor today), I will abandon my plans to post 200 pictures of the Grand Canyon and see if I can manage to upload ONE photo. It's time to get myself out of vacation mode, and start getting ready for Christmas. Here's the extent of my Christmas shopping to this point...

...and all for me! Everyone's raving about Paula Dean, so I thought I better check out her Christmas ideas. Where have I been, that I don't know about Paula Dean? I am a fan of Rachel Ray...I enjoy the Barefoot Contessa...but I don't even know Paula Dean. Maybe I don't spend enough time on the Food Network! I'm thinking the latest edition of Victoria magazine is a little 'slim'...didn't keep me occupied for too long while driving.

I also bought two new Christmas cd's while on our roadtrip, and am so looking forward to listening to them. Notice...they are still in the wrappers! I am waiting until the weekend to start playing Christmas music. I don't think I would ever tire of it, but others might.

Last year we didn't get our lights up until well into the 'Christmas' season, because the weather was so horrid. The forecast is sunny & clear for the week, so I guess we need to haul out the lights and get to work! This is the only time of the year when I am envious of all those people who leave their lights up year-round. I haven't even started to think about decorating, baking, shopping and all the rest associated with Christmas. But I'm looking forward to seeing 'Christmas at Hycroft Mansion' this weekend, and I'm sure I'll get inspired. The interior of this heritage mansion in Vancouver is transformed into a Christmas dreamland once a year...the only time the public can tour the building. I'll come home with lots of ideas!

So that's it for today folks!


  1. Hey, I see you have the Groban CD. I need to wait one more week, right? I challenge you with that..till first advent.
    Maybe we need to drink a hot latte' and listen to the CD together?

  2. Best wishes with the lights. My daughter decided to hire my carpenter! How do you like them apples? Ha!

    Hope that your internet connection improves because I want to see all 200 of those Grand Canyon pictures.

    Let us know what you think of the cds.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson