Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I drove the Coquihalla

I drove the Coquihalla just to be with you... those are the lyrics of a song.

Well, that's exactly what we did yesterday. We took a jaunt over the Coquihalla highway, and drove to Meritt to have lunch with our Kelowna relatives. I must admit we did check the road reports in the morning, because the Coquihalla Summit isn't always the easiest to traverse at this time of the year! It was raining here, but we knew we would meet snow in short order.

By the time we got to Hope it was snowing, and soon we were lost in a sea of swirling snow.

There wasn't a whole lot to be seen...so I just pulled out the yarn and hook and got to work on a scarf. We listened to Christmas music and I had a wonderful trip through the winter wonderland. Elmer didn't have a whole lot to say...hardly answered my questions; I'm thinking his trip wasn't quite as relaxing as mine.

Once we were past the summit, things cleared up a little...

and just before Merritt the sun even peaked through.

We reached Merritt just in time for our 'rendezvous' at the Home Restaurant (if you can't have a home-cooked dinner...have a Home-cooked dinner!). We found ourselves a quiet corner and before we knew it, three hours had slipped by. How good it is to get together with family at Christmas time...even if you have to drive the Coquihalla highway to do it! The road conditions were much better on the way home and I even managed to get a few pic's out the window without getting snow all over the lens. It really was beautiful, even if the skies were grey.

So if you want a little trek through winter wonderland, you have a willing driver, and you have some good friends or family to have lunch with in Merritt....drive the Coquihalla highway!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Obviously you trust in Elmer's driving skill!

  2. Just wandering over, Judy, to see what's going on on your front porch - beautiful snow pictures I see... That's about all we can do in Texas is drool over pictures of snow - unless you live in the panhandle - they get snow once in awhile. I've NEVER had a white Christmas in 51 years! Lucky you - Blessings to your family for Christmas! Vickie

  3. We've had family rendevous in Merritt too. I can't believe you can do handwork and drive at the same time. Just thinking about it makes we queasy.
    Terry would be quite quiet on a drive like that too. Again, family genes . .

  4. Hey, I just reviewed a whole bunch of your blogs. It's sure been a good source of time and fun...
    I'm off to make you turkey/brocolli dish. Looks yummy.

    Sounds like an adventuresome trip, but who at our age..doesn't need a bit of extra adrenalin. John always loves to take the truck out in a blizzard..and I love it too.

  5. Those pictures are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Since we don't get much snow here, I do so love seeing all the snow others get!


  6. Judy, you always have the most unique ideas. Thanks so much for putting this creative family Christmas gathering together. Neither sleet, fog,iced up windshields, snowdrifts, nor dirty sloppy roads could break our appointment in Merritt. Our travel over the Connector was not as severe -- However it was Winter conditions. Martha and Liz

  7. What incredible country! I would not have been able to pry my white knuckles off the door handle so you did an amazing job of turning your attention to knitting. Your dh deserves a lot of credit! Glad that the time spent with family made it all worth the trip.

  8. Nuts and bolts? What in the world? Pray tell what is it exactly that you are eating?

  9. Hi! Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting. What an enchanted place you live, especioally in the snow.What a view from your front porch.


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