Thursday, December 27, 2007

my winter garden...

It's one of those grey days out here today. The ground is white, the clouds are low and you can't really tell where one stops and the other begins. So there's not much to see...or so I thought until I actually got out there!

The poor little birds (pictured at the feeder on my sidebar) have been neglected over Christmas...their feeder was empty. So I donned my lovely new GREEN boots, and went outside to fill up their feeder. Then I went back to grab the camera, because it was actually quite pretty once I took a closer look.

There are still a few oak leaves hanging on for dear life!

And my favorite hydrangeas aren't looking quite so happy these days...but now have a certain winter beauty!

The 'don juan' rose is still trying to put on a show!

Ryder will be happy to know, we still have raspberries!

I love raspberries...but am really happy we just have this one little row! I'm thinking of all the years that I spent all of January and February in the berry patch, tying raspberries. We had over 50 acres at one time...too many!

Here's the last of the season's grapes...I'm not into ice wine, so they'll have to go to the birds.

The spiders are busy, whatever the season.

Even the barren red twigs of the blueberry bushes look beautiful against the snow.

And the heather is peeking out from under the blanket.

So if things are looking grey and bleak today...take a closer look. It's amazing what beauty we are given to enjoy each day!

I think it's time to get back inside. These green boots were not meant for snow!


  1. Judy, I LOVE your artist's eye as you looked at the beauty in your world... thank-you !! I enjoy my walk with you !!

    And yes ! I agree ! 50 acres of raspberries is not where I would go to have a good time !!
    We had about an acre and that was too much !! smile

    Although nothing tastes as good as a bowl full of raspberries with sugar and cream !!

  2. Beautiful pics Judy...there is so much beauty no matter what season. And even a raspberry in sight, we sure don't have that in our part of the country!

  3. What wonderful pictures you took! Thank you so much for sharing! I love days like you described...and we never get them here. : ( I appreciate you sharing the beauty of the day with us!


  4. Okay Judy, I'm convinced and I'm heading out too. I just said this morning that I need some rubber boots. Can you believe I live on a farm and don't have rubber boots?

    Your pictures are really very lovely.

  5. I love looking for the beauty in really do have a wonderful eye!

  6. Oh Judy, I LOVE your winter garden pics!
    I miss the winters in Wisconsin SOOO much!
    So I am especially thrilled when my blogging friends post winter pics!
    Thanks Judy!

  7. Forget the snow, those rubber boots weren't even meant for you!!!!!!!


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